Friday, March 9, 2007

9 March 2007

I am still in the land of the living. Never knew I had so many foal photos LOL. That is the project that I am working on. I should be finished by Monday because I need to mail the DVD off first thing.

I went down to check the mail today and took the camera with me. We had a wonderful day, maximum of 60 F!!!! Can you believe it, two days ago we were battling to get above freezing and now we are in the 40s and 60s. There isnt much for the horses to do outside except bask in the sunshine because none of the grass has started to grow yet so there is nothing to graze so I have a few more sunbathing shots today. I like the one because it is mother and daughter (Cat laying down and BB standing) sleeping in the sun. The other one is Lori.

In response to John's comment about not knowing that horses mock fight. They do, even the older horses. They do have their pecking order however, there is the boss mare and then they each have their rung on the ladder. Believe me you know when a horse is putting you or another horse in its place because they can deliver a nasty bite. The problem is that once they start to bite for real they cant stop until their jaw has closed and teeth come together so it can be very painful. When Wiggle (my hand raised baby) was 2 days old her mother attacked me in the stall while I was feeding her her milk. She came at me with all her 1100 lbs behind her and if I hadn't had the wall behind me I hate to think what she would have done. Mares can be very hormonal when they have a baby and even the most trusted mare can act in a manner that is not normal for her. She bit me above the right breast and I was bruised from my waist up for 6 weeks afterwards and was in severe pain just trying to breathe. A hard lesson learned. So yes they do mock fight but you will know when they are being serious LOL.

I hope to be back on schedule with all my commenting by Monday so please just bear with me and thank you to everyone who has commented. I have had a few new visitors, I will get to you as soon as my project is done I promise.

Have a great day tomorrow.



talj said...

Great post Lori and what a story about the fighting!! I knew there was a good reason I steered clear of horses!!!

Have a great weekend {{{HUGS}}} xx

CG said...

Ouch!! I never actually knew that about the way horses bite although I was bitten once on my back and it REALLY hurt. Great photos and a very interesting read too.

MPRPRO said...

You know lori, I am going to have to go to my brother's farm and get some shots tomorrow of Lucky, Buddy and Riggers.

Rising Rainbow said...

Wow! 60s that's cool. It's back down to the 402 here and rain, lots of rain. The horses look like they were really enjoying the sun.

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