Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday 26 February 2013

Wow already badly behind.  How time flies!!!  I have seen many blue herrons around, but always only single birds and have been wanting to get close enough to get a good shot.  I got this opportunity last summer of one fishing on the White River in Muncie Indiana.  I was pretty pleased with the result.  He/she was facing in the opposite direction and in the blink of an eye had reversed and caught this fish which had been behind it.

I will try to post more regularly.


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday 20 January 2013

I have become a staunch anti horse slaughter advocate and an advocate for saving our symbol of freedom the American Wild Mustang.  It is a heart wrenching fight with these horses being stampeded (they call them roundups) using helicopters to the point of extinction.  I went trail riding a while back and came across this little guy, his name is Fred and he is the first mustang I have had the privilege of meeting.  I rode him and it was a bittersweet ride, he was "gathered" many years ago when he was a young horse and he is now in his late teens.  I did read his brand but can't remember the specifics of where and when right now.  I offered the owners a home for him when he was due to retire and I meant it.  The fight for these icons sometimes becomes too much to bear.  If anyone would like to know more let me know.  I support and help raise funds for Laura Leigh of Wild Horse Education and am a volunteer on their team for fund raising in our fight for press freedom and access and humane care standards from the BLM during these roundups.  If you would like to read more or donate to our efforts here is the link to the website, I can vouch for their credibility.  Thank you!!! Wild Horse Education

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday 12 January 2013

Yesterday was my birthday and we had the most beautiful weather, it was in the 50s F which is unusual for this time of the year, it is normally freezing and below.  We had a big rain storm the night before and while I was travelling home from feeding my friend Judy's horses (I was a passenger not the driver) I saw this sunset and started shooting as we drove.  The water came into view while I was snapping and I hit the shutter and this is the result.  The water collects in the corn and bean fields whenever it rains, Indiana is pretty flat so the drainage is not always great.  I thought it worked as a picture, along with the jet streams in the sky.  A glorious end to a great day.


Monday, January 7, 2013

7 January 2013

I really love this statue, it is at the Minnetrista in Muncie Indiana which is located on the land that the Ball brothers (Ball jar fame) used to live on.  They have developed it into a cultural type of venue with beautiful gardens and the mansions that the brothers used to live which have been preserved and are now open to the public on certain occasions and are wonderful to visit.  This is one of the sculptures/statues on the premises and it just has great appeal for me.

Hope 2013 is going great for everyone this far.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1 January 2013

It has been almost a year since my last post, maybe 2013 will be better, I sure will try.  I am starting to get my passion back for my photography.

This is a picture of my bottle baby Wiggle taken yesterday 31 December 2012.  She was really sick a few months back with Laminitis/Founder but has made a wonderful recovery.

Happy 2013 to all my friends.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday 24 January 2012

When I first came to the US I had been around horses on and off most of my life but I had never been around stallions and foals. At my late husband's insistance I put many foals on the ground but it was a constant agravation to him that I would not let my babies go to just anyone. He used to say that it was easier to adopt a baby than buy a horse from me!!!! This is for very good reason. The horse industry has been on the decline for almost as long as I have been here and the risk of one of my horses ending up in a slaughter house was just too much for me to bear. This is part of the reason that I have 12 in my barn still. I worry and wonder about every single horse that I have parted with, it is overwhelming sometimes. Horse advocacy from a slaughter perspective and from the Mustang perspective have become a huge part of my life. I do not like what I am seeing and I am passionate about stopping both attrocities. Some of my friends may not see things from the same perspetive as I do and I would never hold that against them, and I hope they feel the same way, but I also hope that I can educate everyone who follows my blog or FB and hopefully show them why I feel the way I do. I used to be one of those "slaughter is a necessary evil" but I have changed my way of thinking in a big way. I wont go into it all here today but I intend to try to tell the story of how I changed my view at a later date.

Todays picture is of three of the babies that I bred in 2005, the two paints (spotted) are still in my barn and the filly in the center was sold to an employee of a friend of mine. I will be following up on her soon to see how she is doing and I hope she is still in the wonderful home that she was when I sold her.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday 21 January 2012

A quickie for today, here is a pic taken this past summer with 5 of my brood in my "pasture" which is severely lacking in grass!!! From L-R : Wiggle (my 7 year old bottle baby) Gee (my 8 year old TB mare), Goldie (my beautiful 4 year old golden palomino and I mean awesome golden color when she is not so dirty), Kooter (19 year old momma of Goldie) and April (grand-daughter of Kooter 11 years old).

Bitterly cold today but sun shining and horses got out for a few hours. They had a ball and bucked and played after a few days cooped up in their stalls. It has been so muddy this year and we are heading for more mild weather after tomorrow. It has just been crazy.

Have a happy Sunday!!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Tribute to My Friend Michelle Cowgill

This is one of my favorite photos of Michelle who passed away suddenly on 9 October 2011. She would have been 55 today and her passing has left a huge hole in my heart and my friends Judy and Susan. She is pictured here riding the love of her life, Dosie. This is the horse that gave her the confidence and courage to end a 25 year abusive marriage and start a new life for her and her daughter. She was just finding happiness after her divorce and losing her job when she was taken from us. Dosie loved her as much as we did. He was my breeding stallion for 8 years when I gave him to Michelle. He had never been "my" horse, he tolerated me and he only ever had eyes for Michelle and she felt the same way about him.

Michelle was an incredible woman and loved her children, grandkids and her horse unconditionally and totally. We didnt always see eye to eye but our friendship was solid and we always got past our differences which didn't happen often. She shared her hopes and dreams with me and I am just so saddened that she could not realize them.

I will miss you my friend. Her favorite song was Cowgirls Dont Cry which contains the lyrics "Ride Baby Ride" so that is what I wish for her, until we meet again.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday 17 January 2012

The wonder of nature. This was an ice crystal formation on my living rooom window a few days ago when I woke up. It had been incredibly cold and the windows are double glazed. A bit of condensation gets inbetween the panes of glass and when it is really cold these patterns form. It is about 12 - 18 inches high. I got some really awesome ones a few years ago with the sunrise outside http://prophotobylori.blogspot.com/2008/01/2nd-january-2007-2nd-post.html there are a few more which I posted that month if you care to delve into my older posts.

Well it was in the 50s this morning and by this evening had dropped to freezing. We had torrential rain last night and this morning and will be getting snow and sleet tonight and for the next few days, then back into the 50s by the weekend. It has been crazy and I and the horses are sick of the mud to say the least. Nothing worse than muddy clay!

Okay that is my lot for tonight.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday 15 January 2012

A little swan family taken quite a few years ago. I got some really nice shots that day of them.

Spent the day (very cold) cleaning stalls. Put the horses out but as predicted because of the rough frozen ground they were not too crazy about giving me a show so I didnt get any shots. They did enjoy the sunshine even if it was around freezing all day, but were very glad to come back in to their nice clean stalls and their dinner. Hopefully the weather will be more conducive to photography soon. We are going to be fluctuating temp wise for the next 8 days and are expecting lots of mud to deal with once again. Ugh!!!