Friday, February 23, 2007

23 February 2007

Okay who remembered catblogging day!!!! I took pictures of three of my 4 barn cats, couldnt decide which one to post so posted one of each.

Ginger cat sleeping in the sun in the barn against the feed sacks

Sylvester sleeping on the seat of my riding mower, the material gets
warm in the sun and they love it there

Wild Cat sitting on the rail of the ramp to our
house for my husband's wheelchair

I had to put in a horse picture, this is DBD Cayenne Pepper (Ki), a three year old we have for sale, she was two years old in this picture. At the moment she is with a friend of ours who normally keeps a few of our horses for the summer but normally returns them for the winter. This year I was so overwhelmed with horses that she agreed to keep her for the winter too. Need to find a buyer for her.

We are bracing ourselves for an ice storm tomorrow. We are just on the borderline so hopefully it will miss us or be mild. We stayed below freezing today but the sun shone all day and it was reasonably pleasant. Got a bit more done in the barn so I am getting there slowly.

Hope you all had a good day. I have run out of time and need my beauty sleep (believe me I do LOL). Will check in on everyone tomorrow.



Mike said...

Nice shots Lori, I bet those four cats keep the mice out of the barn!

super-dave said...

i'm jealous of how many cats you own ... catblog friday is much easier for you! :)

great shots today. and i'm sorry i haven't visited as much as i should. i've been busy and had trouble keeping my pad up to date. thanks for sticking by me and visiting often! :)

i'll try to stop by more regularly.

CG said...

Lovely cat pics, Lori, I like the one on the mower seat the best - he looks like my Ollie.

What a stunning horse too!

Fingers crossed the ice storm passes you by.


Elaine said...

It's hard to go wrong with a cat shot! I think the horse shot is my favorite of the 4 though. Hope the storm misses you (there is a chance of snow tomorrow here also, and I was hoping the warmer weather was here to stay! Oh, well, spring will come eventually.)

Donna said...

I get my cat fix at the barn, there are a half dozen of various ages and sizes. Thanks for posting pictures of yours. I wish I could take in every horse that needed a person...

talj said...

Such sweet photos!!! Hope that you are hanging in there and the weather isn't too bad for you {{{BIG HUGS}}}

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