Saturday, February 24, 2007

24 February 2007

It got cold enough for a few icicles, one of the outside faucets was dripping and I had left a bucket hanging under it (I normally turn the bucket upside down over the faucet but forgot) so this is what I got one from the bucket up and one from the faucet down with an inch in between.

And for the horse fix, not a recent picture, this is a filly that is now four years old, her name is Rags and she is owned by a chap here in town who has one of our colts too. They are doing trail riding with them and enjoy them immensely.

We are expecting the ice storm any hour now, it is going to extend further south than earlier predicted so I dont think we will avoid it. It is going to be at its worst during the night so I suppose morning will reveal the extent of the damage.

Getting caught up, finished with the one barn now just the old barn which has 3 stalls and I am up to date YAAAAAYYYYY.

Hope you are all doing well today and if you are experiencing this storm which is quite widespread stay safe and warm.

Til tomorrow.



puzzled said...

Good luck with the continued storm fighting over there, Lori! I really like the pictures of the ice.

CG said...

Hope you keep warm and safe Lori. That's a beautiful little foal. Very impressive icicles too. We don't see many of those over here.

Anna said...

I love the spicket with the ice and then I saw the little cute. Gosh...I am really missing riding.

Rising Rainbow said...

I love the icecicles! But I'm glad they're not here. It's cold but not that cold. I finally burned the tree I cut down last fall. I smell like smoke even though I've taken a shower. I've been waiting all fall and winter for a day I could get rid of that pile but the weather just wouldn't co-operate until today.

I'm sorry to hear that it you've got a major storm moving in. I'll sure be glad when winter is over for all of us.

The galloping foal pic is great. She's sure using those long legs of hers well.

Keep warm.

Mike said...

I like your icicles and the foal. I believe I like the middle one the best, it tells a story.

I hope you guys fare better with your ice storm than we did.

MPRPRO said...

I so love your work, forgive me for missing so many wonderful images.

AB said...

Stay safe Lori - I lived in Montreal during the terrible ice storm of 1997. It was atrocious.

I love the icicles; they remind me of stalactites and stalagmites in a cave (now, which one grows up and which one grows down? I can never remember LOL).

Keep warm!

Karp said...

I bet you're entering the Ice-challenge :p

talj said...

You post something stunning everyday Lori, its great to visit your PAD! Hope that you aren't too cold and the weather isn't as bad as you thought {{{BIG HUGS}}}

John Roberts said...

Great photo of Rags! I dread ice storms becuase of how they usually disrupt the electricity. Good luck!

Carmi said...

I love the ice, Lori. I relate closely to these images, because they reflect scenes that disappear so quickly.

Pat said...

Oh, that middle photo is something else showing the ice right up into the tap. Hope the pipe didn't freeze and burst. That's the big worry here for our outside taps.

Lori, I get tired just imagining what you do in your day's work. {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

Memories Catcher said...

That's a beautiful little foal.I like the pictures of the ice too.

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