Tuesday, February 13, 2007

13 February 2007

Weeeellll what can I say, this has definitely been the strangest winter that I have experienced since coming here 6 years ago.

When we get our worst weather it always comes out of the east and this storm has come from that direction with a vengeance. It only happens once or twice a year that it will blow rain or snow from this side but the problem is that it takes the snow directly onto the porche on the front of our house which has a storm door that is missing and hasnt been replaced. It is sitting waiting for someone to come and install it. We were hoping that would happen before this storm hit, it didnt, so now my whole porche is filled with snow up to the front door. Also my old barn doesnt have the sliding doors that the new one does so I just have a tarp over the door which has seen better times and because the wind is so strong every little nook and cranny has become a snow filter which has resulted in half the inside of that barn being under a few inches of snow too. Luckily two of the horses havent been affected and the third one only slightly with half of her stall being under snow. At least they are out of the wind which I am glad of. The winds have reached 40 mph and the snow drifts are half way up my thighs in some places. That is the problem when there is wind and snow, in some places there is no snow but then it banks up where there is a tree, vehicle or some obstruction and can get to be very deep. Tomorrow if the wind dies I will try to photograph some of the drifts. In front of both barns I had to wade through drifts thigh deep to get to the doorways. I think I would have preferred the 16" of just falling snow without the wind, at least that doesnt seep into every crack and corner.

Well that is my vent for the day. We are going to stay cold for a few more days at least. I have posted two shots that I took through the kitchen window because if I tried to open the window or take the camera outside it was impossible to shoot with the wind. They dont really show how bad it was but the one is looking out over our field and the other is looking towards two of the neighbors, one of which was plowing his drive.

I am pretty down today so please forgive me I promise I will try to find something positive to portray out of this miss and will be in a better mood.

Hope you are all well and everyone who is experiencing this same story is safe and warm.



talj said...


I think these maybe needed!! So sorry to hear the storm has been so bad. I do hope that you can manage to keep warm. Thinking of you and hoping things take a much needed turn for the better very soon xx

thelobster said...

Wonderful pictures - I'm going to keep coming back here for inspiration because it looks like I shall be doing some regular equine photography myself - Thankyou for all your helpful comments - (I owe you dozens) - unfortunately I have been very busy of late but I hope to start making a regular tour of everyon'es PADs soon - keep it up and thanks again

Julie Blair said...

Hi Lori! Hugs from me too!! Stay warm and keep the chin up. I know it is hard in those conditions-I used to live in it too many years ago -but I remember it well. I am going stir crazy being at the computer job hunting so I know how easy it is to get down. The pictures are great-keep 'em coming!

Rising Rainbow said...

Isn't it amazing how the snow can look so darn beautiful and yet be so chilling and cold. A real pain in the you know what.

Hang in there, spring has to be coming sometime. The groundhog promised.

I won the prize for the most visitors to the host site on that writing contest. Thanks for your help.

Kaycee said...

The same storm is starting here this evening. We are suppose to get heavy snow with the high winds, too. So, I know a bit about what you are going through. I don't know if I will be brave enough to go out and take photos of the storm.

super-dave said...

is it ever going to stop snowing there???

i hope this doesn't cause problems for you ... take care and be safe.

amazing images though!! wow!!

CG said...

Those photos really convey the storm to me, Lori, I hope you manage to keep warm for the duration. Lots of hugs for me from England and I hope you feel a little better today! xx

Kathy C said...

Hi Lori,

I'm here visiting from the horse blog carnival. I hope the snow is over in Indiana. It looked treacherous on the news. We were blessed with just MORE deep freeze instead.

Love your site and photos!


Elaine said...

These are great shots. Crop or clone the truck out of the top shot and it would be a great winter scene. I like the bits of color in the second shot. You don't have to apologize for complaining--this has been a long, hard winter and I think most of us are ready for spring!

Pat said...

Hi Lori...

We all get "down" and I had a week of it. Hang in there.

I had to drive a crippled friend (she's got the worst reumatoid arthritis and can't walk) to the hospital in Hamilton, Ontario to see her surgeon and we got to the outskirts of the city and had to turn around due to blizzard-like conditions and white-outs.

Looking forward to more horses, Lori.


Anna said...

Keep warm there friend. Looks very cold in your pics!

rennie said...

I fully understand you. You are so strong. I would probably run away during winter from there and move to warmer climate. I admire your patience and strengh.

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