Sunday, February 25, 2007

25 February 2007

Another dull day. Overcast, rain, flurries, sleet the works. I slipped the day before yesterday while pushing the barrow while cleaning the stalls and landed on my left knee. I didn't think much of it until yesterday morning when it was quite painful, by last night it had started to swell and by this morning it looked like a baseball, all blue and inflamed and swollen. Another time when the Nurofen which I cant buy here would have helped a lot. I think I am just gonna go into hibernation until 2007 is over and start afresh in 2008!!!!

I am going to cheat again today as it was not real great photo op weather and post some more cheery pics and wish for dry sunny warm days LOL.

This first one is PJP Baybee Doll, PJ or Baybee for her barn name.
She was born last year and is being naughty and biting her momma's tail.
Her Mother is the Black mare that we rescued from the PMU farm.
We sold her to our trainer and she is doing really well.

This is Eb (DBD Ebony Wonderbar), he is also one of last year's babys. He is the son of the black and white mare Cat. We still have him and hoping to find a good buyer for him.

Well guys and gals that is about it for now, unless I can find some other trouble to get into I will check in again tomorrow.

Have a Great Monday.



talj said...

Oh Lori I wish there was a legal way I could get tablets over to you as I have a house full of painkillers!! I really hope you are feeling much better soon and that you have no further setbacks :o( Great photos, as always! You have the perfect light and your compositions always show the subject off at its best!!{{{BIG HUGS}}} and love coming you way xxx

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Hey girl you really do like keeping these late hours!!! Thanks a stack, I wish I could get hold of some too :-(

I love the pictures of your trip, they are all great. Hopefully one day we will be able to get together and do the same LOL. I never did see much of England in the two years I was there.
(((((HUGS))))))))) back.


Kaycee said...

Lori, I hope that the swelling in your knee goes down soon! Your horse photos are just fantastic!

Pat said...

Hey Lori, come to the border and I'll hand some over to you. I'm a walking drug store here. Strong ones and some not so strong. The reason for it is that I have had chronic pain in my cervical spine since 1979 and need the strong stuff.

Love your photos today. Just fantastic to see these horses. Did I say that I'm a bit afraid of them?

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh, Lori, I love the butt scratching picture of the foal. The expression is priceless.

Sorry to hear that you have a hurt knee. It was so much better when we were younger and just bounced! ;-)

I'm with you about the hibernating thing, I've been thinking I might want to skip this year as well. I should have skipped last year by the time I got done with the twins, I felt like I'd been through a wringer. Sounds like you're going through the wringer this year without the joy of the twins. Oh well, maybe it's just winter and not going to be the whole year.........we can hope.....

Kathy C said...

I hope your knee is doing better.

I found your blog at the Horse Carnival a few weeks back and love to come and follow along in your adventures and LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos!

CG said...

Am sorry about your kneee. The Nurofen really helped my sciatica yesterday - wish you could get some.

Eb is beautiful - lovely markings.

Anna said...

I never get tired of these Lori. They are beautiful and I love that you are capturing such sweet moments.

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