Monday, February 26, 2007

26 February 2007

Ditto the weather today from yesterday :-( The knee is getting better, still really inflamed and sore but hopefully that will pass soon. Got another stable stripped today so now I just have two left. Am managing to keep the ones I have done so far up to date which is great.

Cheating on the pics again today.

This is Lonsumcatbar, we call her Cat, she is the
momma of the little black and white colt I posted a pic
of yesterday. She is also the Blue Roan Filly BB's momma.

This is Ki and Cookie when they were two year olds.
I loved this shot because of the way that Cookie was peeking out over Ki's mane
watching me. They play to the camera sometimes LOL. Cookie
is the filly that we sold recently. She has such a great home and Susan who bought
her sends me pictures of her regularly which I love.

Well guys and gals that is about it for today, I caught up on all my commenting yesterday so will try to get to everyone today before I have to go get my beauty sleep

Oh yes I spoke with our trainer last night and our Stud Dosie is doing really well, is ready for his first low level show, and Wiggle, my hand raised baby is also doing really well. It has been hard for him to be consistent in riding them because of all this bad weather but she is going to stay on a bit longer until he has ridden her more. He has two people who have expressed an interest in coming to see her, one guy for trail riding and the other a young girl for 4H. They are just waiting for the weather to improve a bit. So keep fingers crossed. I dont really want to sell her because I am so attached to her from hand rearing her, but I just have too many and willbe happy if she goes to a good home. I told shaun that if he could sell her before she is ready to come back here I would prefer it because if she comes back here I wont want to part with her. Still breaks my heart :-(

Sleep tight have a great Tuesday.



photogchic said...

Lori I love your photos even if you are "cheating:-)" If you took them today or six years ago, they are beautiful and I thank you for posting them.

Rising Rainbow said...

Ditto! That goes for me too. I like the one filly peeking over the other one at you. They are so funny.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get the mare sold. I know it's tougher with the hand raised ones but too many is too many. I'm sure with you on that.

My friend, Bev, recently sold a hand raised filly that she had sent off to the trainer. She thought it was easier that the mare didn't come home first too.

Glad to hear your knee is better. I worked on my burn pile on Saturday and I'm still hobbling around here like an old lady. Well, I guess I am an old lady but I don't like it that my body insists on reminding me ALL of the time.

Have a good day!!

CG said...

Your horse pictures are all so lovely I'm running out of superlatives, just keep them coming. I like the one of Cat, she looks so wild and free.

It must be really hard to part with your horses to new owners.

I hope your knee is better today. Take care (hugs) XX

talj said...

Lovely shots Lori! I really hope your knee is better very soon and that you can get out and about in some better weather! :o) {{{BIG HUGS}}}

Anna said...

I am with cg....I am running out of things to say because I just simply like all your shots! ?!?! Anyway...these are beautiful. I always look forward to the page load! :)

Kathy C said...

I can relate on the stall issues! We got about 20" over the last 4 days and it's been tough to keep up. I only have a three stall free choice shelter, but I like to keep it cleaned out as much as possible.

I hope your knee continues to improve. Great pictures!

puzzled said...

I love, love, love that shot of Ki and Cookie. The eye is so cute!

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