Thursday, February 22, 2007

22 February 2007

Okay I need to post more horse pics. Tried to get some today but it was really dreary and dark in the barn so I did a few shots with the flash of horses' eyes. This is the Thoroughbred mare that we board Gee, I have posted pics of her a while back. I dont know if I like the color or B&W. It is not an exceptional eye shot, I have stacks but is the only one I have of her.

I have also posted a picture of BB late summer having a run around, just to bring a bit of brightness to the post. She is such a great mare this.

Slowly getting caught up, I have decided I am not going to kill myself to get caught up so that makes me feel better although I hate my horses living in dirty stalls!!

I hope you all had a good day.



Anna said...

I love the black and white one Lori! Great shot. And the horse running looks so playful! :) Take care and have a great weekend!

talj said...

Great shots, as always Lori!! Hope you get to take it easy this weekend and relax a little! {{{BIG HUGS}}} xx

Rising Rainbow said...

Interesting pics. This is the horse you said got no water for all that time before coming to you?

Glad you're getting a chance to catch up. The weather still isn't co-operating here. I'm hoping Ican ride tomorrow. We'll see.

Julie Blair said...

Yeah, relax some this weekend my friend!! You have been thru alot this winter! I love the eye shot -like the color one best....glad it warmed up there.

We are supposed to get rain tonight...we need it!

Thanks for commenting on my blog too. Good to see ya there.


CG said...

I like the eye shot in B&W best, Lori. BB is beautiful too - looks so carefree.

I wish like mad I was closer - I'd just love doing your barn work and you could relax knowing you're giving someone a real treat!!

Take care xxxx

Anna said...

Hey Lori,

Just wanted to say thanks for all your input with me. Check my blog today for an update on my timid pursuit into professional photography! :)

I really appreciate all your help!

puzzled said...

Not an exceptional eye shot?? You're so wrong, Lori - at least in my taste. This made me say wow to myself the second I opened your blog. The color one is my favorite. I love your horse shots (well, except you know one of the horses, I think it's BB sometimes looks capable of casting a spell, heehee)

I also hope you have the chance to relax a little this weekend. You've been having such a rough time lately.

Kaycee said...

Fanastic close-ups, Lori! I always enjoy viewing your beautiful horse photos.

super-dave said...

beautiful horse and amazing close ups of the eye. i like the bottom photo, of the horse in full flight. it's got a good sense of action to it! :)

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