Wednesday, February 21, 2007

21 February 2007

We started out today with a really cold morning 19F and a beautiful Hoar-Frost on everything, these are delicate little minute icicles which build up on everything, just touching the plant will make them fall all. It looked lovely with all the trees and bushes white. We still have quite a bit of the snow that hasnt melted to it looked lovely. I have posted a pic of our one tree in our front yard. It was very misty/foggy too. This tree was planted by my husband 55 years ago, a christmas tree which he planted instead of throwing it away like they do today.

I am slowly getting the barn back to normal, it is a lot of work but I have decided to take a little each day and eventually I will be on top of it again. We have warm weather in the 60s and 70s F for the next 5 days at least so I am going to make the most of it. We always have at least one cold snap here before spring sets in. It has been a weird autumn and winter, we really didnt have an autumn at all, one minute it was hot the next minute it was freezing! Tornado weather coming up again. Although I havent seen one myself we had one pass through the edge of town a few years ago, about 2 miles from us. It had just touched down here for the first time then went on into Ohio where it had developed into one about a mile wide and was very destructive and quite a few lives were lost. We were lucky. I can't believe that London had one recently, I heard it on the news, very unusual.

Okay enough weather. The horses stayed out today again and werent terribly active again so I am afraid that you will only get pictures of the Hoar-Frost for today.

Hope everyone is well. I have caught up on my commenting, just need to run through everyone's posts for today.



talj said...

What a wonderful tree!! Really beautiful! As are the other shots today Lori! So glad to hear things are getting back to normal and that you are taking it easy on sorting out the barn!

Yes, London did have a tornado but I have no doubt it was nothing compared to the ones you get over there!!

Hope the rest of your day goes well!!

{{{BIG HUGS}}} X

Anna said...

These are amazing Lori. I was mesmerized by your images. I love them! Do you have a macro lens? If so...what kind?

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Thanks ladies,

Anna I use a Tokina 100mm 2.8 macro lens. I cant afford the Canon one but I have a whole arsenal of Tokina lenses and they do just great for me. I am sure there will be some that say the glass isn't as good as the Canon's but I am happy with the results and they are good enough for Alamy (stock agency) and they are pretty picky about the quality of photos they accept. LOL.


CG said...

Really incredible pics today Lori, despite the lack of horsey pics. The tree remonds me of one of Talj's pics that was the first of hers I ever saw and that I love

Karen said...

Wow that frost is beautiful! We rarely get frost like that here.

Kaycee said...

Fantastic macro photos, Lori! Everything looks so delicate with the frost.
I can't wait for spring to arrive here, too. Enough winter!

Rising Rainbow said...

Wow, I never looked at the frost on my garden plants as beautiful, I just saw it as desctructive but your pics sure change that image. I always have loved it on the trees though. Guess I'm wierd.

The tree in your yard is impressive. I miss the horsey shots but it guess it doesn't hurt me to add a little different perspective every now and then.

I can't believe your weather is in the 60s or 70s. We're freezing our tushes off here! and will be for months still. I'm jealous.

Elaine said...

These are lovely. I'm sure you are enjoying the warmth!

AB said...

Magnificent hoar frost - it makes everything sparkle and look glorious. Even the mundane is transformed into a thing of beauty.

So glad to hear that you're gradually getting back to normal. Make sure you take it easy though!


Memories Catcher said...

Beautiful shots.I like it!

super-dave said...

snow ... god i love snow ... i hate having winters where i don't get to do any good snow photography! :(

lovely shots today lori ... especially the close ups, really good detail.

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