Monday, April 9, 2007

9 April 2007

I have posted a whole bunch of shots today, didnt know which one to post on its own so thought I would post them all as they are all reflections of what is going on in my life at the moment. This first one is of Cat doing her Leap that she likes to do. Unfortunately my bus and the other horses were in the shot, I will definitely get a shot of her doing this one day which is in focus and closer and which has no clutter LOL. She normally launches her back hooves about 2 or three feet off the ground while she is rearing

Here she is doing her next best thing, bucking and being a brat.

This is Sonny who is still holding out on us. All of the photos in todays blog were taken today for a change. Come on baby we are getting impatient.

And lastly, here are two more photos taken today of Wiggle which I think show her sad state a bit better than the other photos do. I put her in the new barn today with the studs in their stables and Gee (the thoroughbred) so that she wasnt left in the old barn on her own when I put all the other horses out. They tend to get stressed when they are left on their own. If you click on the pictures you will see larger versions. The vet came to see her today so we have his report on record. We are still not sure how we are going to deal with this, we just have so much going on with Larry going into hospital on Thursday, we are feeling a bit out of our depth.

This was taken from above her and I think shows her hindquarters very realistically, the other side shots just didnt show the extent of the weight loss like this one does. YOu can see her tailbone sticking up, that used to be level with the rumpon either side and you couldnt see her hip bones before at all now they stick right out.
Thank you all again for your concerns, messages of encouragement and sympathy. I am slowly getting back into a routine again, I just wish this year was over already, it has been awful thus far. We are still experiencing temps around freezing so I have been unable to bathe her. Hoping for warmer weather soon.

((((((HUGS)))) and thanks



talj said...

Dear Lori, the last few shots are so sad. I can only imagine how this has made you and Larry feel. Just take one thing at a time. I am sure you will be able to deal with what to do about this once Larry has had his surgery. You know where I am if you need to talk. Thinking of you all {{{HUGS}}} xxx

CG said...

I loved the photos of Cat leaping about and I hope Sonny hurries up and has her baby soon. I am so sad for poor Wiggle and can't imagine how awful you and Larry must be feeling.
Lots of love
Julie xxxx

Abraham Lincoln said...

First, thank you for stopping at my blog and for your generous comments. I appreciate it a lot.

I do not have a nice photo of a turkey buzzard. None have been on the ground in my back yard and as good as I get are like the aerial shots. I envy you and your shots.

I like horses and dogs. Dogs a bit more than horses but both. I hate to see anything in need and not being cared for. This poor horse is finally getting some care and for that I am thankful. I know the horse appreciates it.

Thank you for taking care of them.

The photographs are marvelous.

Bev Ferrington said...

Now if Cat were all white and a stallion, she might be mistaken for a Lippizaner at the Spanish Riding School. The maneuver that you call 'cow hop'is called 'courbette' by the Spanish Riding School, and is very dramatic, especially in hand!

I'm glad to see Wiggle settling in. Poor girl. In the first picture of her that you posted yesterday, I could see the worry on her face. Now she looks more relaxed and at ease.

Rising Rainbow said...

Well, Cat is definitely a character. I hope you get the shot someday unencumbered by background clutter, That's one of my problems here too.

These are definitely more "obvious" pictures of Wiggles neglect. She will come around fast now that she's safe at home.

Someday if you will email me your number I will call and we can really figure out how connected we are. I have unlimited long distance so I can afford the call!

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