Wednesday, December 26, 2007

26 December 2007

A few people expressed a desire to purchase one of the calendars that I have been making. The way that I had them set up they were meant to be a giveaway to some of my regular clients and friends and family so I thought (Thanks MiKael for bringing this up) that a version where my advertising was not so prominent and perhaps the horses' names where I know them would be a nice idea. So here is the revised version of that first calendar. It will be a 13 month one because I am so late with getting this off the ground!!

I am still working on a few others, one with a variety of shots, not just horses and one with flowers. A lot of you won't have seen the ones I worked on last year so quite a few of the photos are the same because I never got them out for sale LOL. I am asking $7.50 plus postage, just need to find out how much they will cost to mail. Again feedback would be welcome. I will post the others as soon as they are ready. I am going to try to do them through my website because I have an order form there where you can pay via PayPal. Larry normally handles all of that stuff, I am not sure how it all works!!

We have had another beautiful sunny day today, temps in upper 30s and the horses are enjoying the sunshine.

Hope you are all well and have had a good holiday and recovered from all the good Christmas food. I hate the leftovers LOL so try not to make too much extra but there is always some left.




CG said...

Oh, I'd love a calendar! keep me posted!!

Rising Rainbow said...

Yes, that looks good like that.

We're eating leftovers here too. There is so much food it makes me want to nap just thinking about all those carbohydrates. lol

We are expecting snow here today but it isn't supposed to stick around for long. We'll see.

Hope you have a good day.

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