Saturday, December 8, 2007

8 December 2007

A short one today, it has been hovering around 28 and 32 all day and the freezing rain started at about 4pm this evening. I managed to get Gee out again today and she made a slightly longer excursion than yesterday but still stuck close to the barn for security. I am glad of that because that way she will get to know the lay of the land before she opens up and runs around like a mad thing. I have a few pics but havent edited them yet.

Below is a pic of Taxes today, he had Eb the B&W colt hot on his heels. I turned Blaze out with Taxes first and they seemed to be okay but didn't have my camera, Taxes went flying in biting and jumping on poor Blaze and give him credit he took it very well. After that worked pretty well I turned the other two out but they all seemed to be too much at one time for Taxes so I pulled him straight out. I think I will just put him with Blaze for the time being so that he can have company and learn about mixing with other horses, he is a little tyrant and needs to learn that another horse will retaliate when he bites or jumps on him/her. He was just so excited to have another horse with him. The second shot is a second after the first when Eb gave him a swift bite on the butt. No marks or damage fortunately. Eb has been a biter since he was born too, just plays rough, never left marks just a brat, I have tons of pics of him biting his siblings when he was born trying to get them to play with him. He frightened poor Taxes a bit as can be seen from his expression.

(Click on pics to enlarge)

The third pic is of Blaze and Eb having a rough and tumble after I had put Taxes back in his stable. I was amazed when I turned Taxes out with them that he is just about the same size as them and there is a year difference, Taxes just 8 months old on the 15th.

It is becoming evident that I am going to have to split all the stud colts up after winter if they arent gelded. What is play and acting out right now will become serious when there are mares around and they mature a bit more and it could spell trouble. Blaze would have been gelded at the same time as our older stud Dosie earlier this year but his one testicle had not dropped yet and still hasnt which could mean a surgery in a vet hospital to geld him because they will have to find the other one. In a normal gelding it can be done at the ranch with the horse under sedation/light anaesthesia with little risk of problems. Poor boys!!!!

Well that is it for today. Yukky weather the next few days. Stay warm everyone (((HUgs)))




Anonymous said...

Incredible photos and I like each of them with your explanation under them. Nice work. I hope the testicle comes down but I fear it won't and that might be a problem. Horses are really neat creatures. Can you imagine what this landscape was like ages ago when the prairie was filled with bison and horses or mustangs? That must have been a sight to behold.

I liked the bite on the butt shot and I suppose Taxes is thinking what he did to deserve that. You can see how small he is compared to Eb. Look at their heads in the biting picture.

CG said...

These pictures are simply stunning. I adore seeing the horses playing like this!

Salty said...

The third shot in this post is stunning. Great action capture!!!

I found your blog from your comments on Mike's Ozark blog. Wonder photography you have here, I will be sure to return.

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