Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another Sunny Day at Last

We have had really lousy weather since my last post and the poor horses have been cooped up for a week now. Today we had sunshine and despite the mud and near freezing temps I just had to put them out. Here are a few shots, I took my life in my hands in that field, I could hardly walk with the mud and the horses thought I was there to play rough with too LOL.

Below Front to back Dosie, Cayenne and Lori and the half black horse is Piglette.

Piglette is so funny one of the first things she will do is go down to where the lake is and lay down in the water, now bear in mind it was at freezing, there was ice on the puddles!!!!! She did it 3 times LOL.
And here is my Beautiful muddy Wiggle Monster. They are all so muddy but happy and their coats are starting to shed so the mud and rolling is helping to loosen and remove the loose itchy hair.
Abraham if our river and lake were a natural permanent waterway I would get the fishing pole out for sure but it isnt, just the run off from all the properties around us, whe are the convergence point LOL.

Thanks all for your visits, great to see you all.



Rising Rainbow said...

That's funny that even in the cold she must play in the water. Horses are such characters.

Anonymous said...

Fortunately, we have had sunshine here in Brookville the last two days and more today. But then more rain and they have even forecast snow. I sure didn't like to hear that.

I love these photos. The horses really seem to be having a ball just running outside.

Nice photography.

Have a nice holiday weekend.

Abraham Lincoln

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