Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Whole Week Gone By

Wow cant believe my last post was Monday!!!! I have posted an update on Taxes' wound progress on my . It doesnt really loook pretty but it is improving believe it or not LOL.

I got the horses out again today for the first time in days. It has been snow, wind, icey rain, sleet and everything inbetween all week so to have a calm sunny day was nice and they loved it, dirty and all. They rolled in the snow and had a ball. Here is BB being feisty.

I saw these little sparrows on the bush outside the kitchen window and liked how the horses and forest were in the background. Different type of shot for me but I thought it looked cool.

And finally this is Piglette, she is such a naughty mare and has the nicest disposition, I am so glad we rescued her because she does enjoy life and is normally at the forefront of any mischief.

Julie so glad that you liked the fridge magnet calendars. I still have a few left if anyone would like one, just let me know, hey they may be worth something one day LOL.
I am having more good days than bad at the moment and am hoping to get back to some semblance of normality whatever that is. (((((Hugs))))) to you all I think about you all and try to get to read everyones posts but dont always get to comment. STay warm


Rising Rainbow said...

I'm glad you got a chance to get the horses out. I know they must have been happy to get to play for a while. We were able to get ours out today as well, even though it was late when I got home from my clinic, sometime out what better than none.

Angry said...

You're so talented Lori, I love the sparrows shot.

Keep at it.

oldmanlincoln said...

The wound looks bad to me who does not know about such things. I guess it will eventually heal over but since the skin has a long way to go to heal over, I wonder if it will be naked skin or have hair to match?

We had a lot of sunshine on top of a lot of snow yesterday but still got some big drifts.

Horses are like dogs, I guess, they like to roll in things and snow is nice for them too.

Enjoyed your post.

CG said...

{{HUGS}} Lori, great to hear from you again and see your pics. Hope the good days continue to proliferate! And thanks again from me and Sian :)


Love horses and these photos are so pretty! Nice captures! Nothing says nature better then an animal capture;-)


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