Wednesday, February 28, 2007

28 February 2007

Well that's February down, ten months to go.
We are still overcast, cold, windy, muddy, icy, snowy, sleety and all of the aforementioned at least once at some time during the day.

I put the mares out and hoped they might let off some steam as they have been cooped up for four or five days now, but they did not oblige. So I took a few portraits which have worked quite well in B&W and one unusual angle in color. At least I think so LOL.

This is one of the babies (I shouldnt be calling them
babies because as of January first they are
considered yearlings). Her barn name
is Dawn and registered name HOW D SPECIAL DAWN

Yes another one of Cat. She is such a big mare but shows
such interest in everything around her and I love her
look when she is all alert, don't know what caught her
attention here.

And of course another shot of Lori shot from an unusual angle which
sometimes works well.

Well at least I got to shoot something today. I am happy when I have my camera handy I must say.

Hope all is well with everyone and you are all surviving your dreary winters in the northern hemisphere and hot summers in the southern hemisphere.

Se Y'all tomorrow.


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

27 February 2007

I can't believe that February is nearly over already.

I had a nice easy day today, my friend Tiffany came over and took me shopping for a very late Xmas and birthday pressie LOL. We are both the same always have so much to do so we are like two ships passing in the night and our meeting up periods are few and far between LOL. She also has horses, I will post some of hers in the next weeks I am sure. I got a lovely insulated jacket (navy blue) and a shirt with horses on it in browns and beiges, long sleeve with corduroy (sp) on the inside of the cuffs, inside of the collar and inside of the front where it buttons up so it can be worn open over a T shirt or as a warm shirt in winter, nice heavy canvas type of material, and hey they were both 40% off!! I love those sales.

On the way back home (we went to Muncie which is about 17 miles away) she took me past an Elk farm which is only about 6 miles down the road from where we live and I never knew of its existence until today. She says that it looks like there are far fewer elk there and that could be because of all types of rules and regulations on their breeding which are being introduced. We were hoping that they had started having their babies but there were only the ones from last year and the year before so we will check back there often. I got lots of shots, it was a bit overcast but I think they worked quite well.

Well folks that's it for today. I will get to my commenting now. Thanks to all my new visitors for their comments. I will post more horse pics tomorrow. I was hoping to put the horses out today but it is still frozen in the mornings and I am scared they will slip on the ice if they get rowdy and by lunch time it is just a muddy mush.
Sleep well and "see" you all tomorrow.

Monday, February 26, 2007

26 February 2007

Ditto the weather today from yesterday :-( The knee is getting better, still really inflamed and sore but hopefully that will pass soon. Got another stable stripped today so now I just have two left. Am managing to keep the ones I have done so far up to date which is great.

Cheating on the pics again today.

This is Lonsumcatbar, we call her Cat, she is the
momma of the little black and white colt I posted a pic
of yesterday. She is also the Blue Roan Filly BB's momma.

This is Ki and Cookie when they were two year olds.
I loved this shot because of the way that Cookie was peeking out over Ki's mane
watching me. They play to the camera sometimes LOL. Cookie
is the filly that we sold recently. She has such a great home and Susan who bought
her sends me pictures of her regularly which I love.

Well guys and gals that is about it for today, I caught up on all my commenting yesterday so will try to get to everyone today before I have to go get my beauty sleep

Oh yes I spoke with our trainer last night and our Stud Dosie is doing really well, is ready for his first low level show, and Wiggle, my hand raised baby is also doing really well. It has been hard for him to be consistent in riding them because of all this bad weather but she is going to stay on a bit longer until he has ridden her more. He has two people who have expressed an interest in coming to see her, one guy for trail riding and the other a young girl for 4H. They are just waiting for the weather to improve a bit. So keep fingers crossed. I dont really want to sell her because I am so attached to her from hand rearing her, but I just have too many and willbe happy if she goes to a good home. I told shaun that if he could sell her before she is ready to come back here I would prefer it because if she comes back here I wont want to part with her. Still breaks my heart :-(

Sleep tight have a great Tuesday.


Sunday, February 25, 2007

25 February 2007

Another dull day. Overcast, rain, flurries, sleet the works. I slipped the day before yesterday while pushing the barrow while cleaning the stalls and landed on my left knee. I didn't think much of it until yesterday morning when it was quite painful, by last night it had started to swell and by this morning it looked like a baseball, all blue and inflamed and swollen. Another time when the Nurofen which I cant buy here would have helped a lot. I think I am just gonna go into hibernation until 2007 is over and start afresh in 2008!!!!

I am going to cheat again today as it was not real great photo op weather and post some more cheery pics and wish for dry sunny warm days LOL.

This first one is PJP Baybee Doll, PJ or Baybee for her barn name.
She was born last year and is being naughty and biting her momma's tail.
Her Mother is the Black mare that we rescued from the PMU farm.
We sold her to our trainer and she is doing really well.

This is Eb (DBD Ebony Wonderbar), he is also one of last year's babys. He is the son of the black and white mare Cat. We still have him and hoping to find a good buyer for him.

Well guys and gals that is about it for now, unless I can find some other trouble to get into I will check in again tomorrow.

Have a Great Monday.


Saturday, February 24, 2007

24 February 2007

It got cold enough for a few icicles, one of the outside faucets was dripping and I had left a bucket hanging under it (I normally turn the bucket upside down over the faucet but forgot) so this is what I got one from the bucket up and one from the faucet down with an inch in between.

And for the horse fix, not a recent picture, this is a filly that is now four years old, her name is Rags and she is owned by a chap here in town who has one of our colts too. They are doing trail riding with them and enjoy them immensely.

We are expecting the ice storm any hour now, it is going to extend further south than earlier predicted so I dont think we will avoid it. It is going to be at its worst during the night so I suppose morning will reveal the extent of the damage.

Getting caught up, finished with the one barn now just the old barn which has 3 stalls and I am up to date YAAAAAYYYYY.

Hope you are all doing well today and if you are experiencing this storm which is quite widespread stay safe and warm.

Til tomorrow.


Friday, February 23, 2007

23 February 2007

Okay who remembered catblogging day!!!! I took pictures of three of my 4 barn cats, couldnt decide which one to post so posted one of each.

Ginger cat sleeping in the sun in the barn against the feed sacks

Sylvester sleeping on the seat of my riding mower, the material gets
warm in the sun and they love it there

Wild Cat sitting on the rail of the ramp to our
house for my husband's wheelchair

I had to put in a horse picture, this is DBD Cayenne Pepper (Ki), a three year old we have for sale, she was two years old in this picture. At the moment she is with a friend of ours who normally keeps a few of our horses for the summer but normally returns them for the winter. This year I was so overwhelmed with horses that she agreed to keep her for the winter too. Need to find a buyer for her.

We are bracing ourselves for an ice storm tomorrow. We are just on the borderline so hopefully it will miss us or be mild. We stayed below freezing today but the sun shone all day and it was reasonably pleasant. Got a bit more done in the barn so I am getting there slowly.

Hope you all had a good day. I have run out of time and need my beauty sleep (believe me I do LOL). Will check in on everyone tomorrow.


Thursday, February 22, 2007

22 February 2007

Okay I need to post more horse pics. Tried to get some today but it was really dreary and dark in the barn so I did a few shots with the flash of horses' eyes. This is the Thoroughbred mare that we board Gee, I have posted pics of her a while back. I dont know if I like the color or B&W. It is not an exceptional eye shot, I have stacks but is the only one I have of her.

I have also posted a picture of BB late summer having a run around, just to bring a bit of brightness to the post. She is such a great mare this.

Slowly getting caught up, I have decided I am not going to kill myself to get caught up so that makes me feel better although I hate my horses living in dirty stalls!!

I hope you all had a good day.


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

21 February 2007

We started out today with a really cold morning 19F and a beautiful Hoar-Frost on everything, these are delicate little minute icicles which build up on everything, just touching the plant will make them fall all. It looked lovely with all the trees and bushes white. We still have quite a bit of the snow that hasnt melted to it looked lovely. I have posted a pic of our one tree in our front yard. It was very misty/foggy too. This tree was planted by my husband 55 years ago, a christmas tree which he planted instead of throwing it away like they do today.

I am slowly getting the barn back to normal, it is a lot of work but I have decided to take a little each day and eventually I will be on top of it again. We have warm weather in the 60s and 70s F for the next 5 days at least so I am going to make the most of it. We always have at least one cold snap here before spring sets in. It has been a weird autumn and winter, we really didnt have an autumn at all, one minute it was hot the next minute it was freezing! Tornado weather coming up again. Although I havent seen one myself we had one pass through the edge of town a few years ago, about 2 miles from us. It had just touched down here for the first time then went on into Ohio where it had developed into one about a mile wide and was very destructive and quite a few lives were lost. We were lucky. I can't believe that London had one recently, I heard it on the news, very unusual.

Okay enough weather. The horses stayed out today again and werent terribly active again so I am afraid that you will only get pictures of the Hoar-Frost for today.

Hope everyone is well. I have caught up on my commenting, just need to run through everyone's posts for today.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

20 February 2007

The snow is melting, we have gone from a min of 0F two mornings ago to min 42F this morning!!! Most of my day has been spent clearing channels so that the melting snow can run off in the usual directions that it should rather than through the middle of my barn because the snow piles are blocking the runoff.

The well is fixed although the water is still looking rusty and muddy out of two of the outside faucets which worries me a bit. They were meant to have fixed the pressure as the new pump was bigger than the previous one but that is no better, but I HAVE WATER so I am not complaining LOL.

The horses spent the day out today but it was really dull and they werent in the playing mood so I didnt get any shots of them, it is also looking a bit muddy and mushy out there, not very pretty, so I have posted a picture I took of a sparrow a few days ago. I thought it was quite cute, just wish I could get one of the darned Cardinal like this. I have stacks of Cardinal photos but they are always so far away or the lighting is terrible and they arent nice and sharp. I want one like this bird is, bright and sharp! Will have to persevere I suppose. So nothing too exciting today sorry.

I have started on the barn overhaul. Now that the stalls have defrosted they are a mess to say the least. I am going to do two a day so as not to kill myself. When the sawdust freezes because it is wet it tends to build in frozen layers until you have to spend a day on one stall when it warms up.

Thanks again to everyone for all your kind words of moral support and I promise I will be in a better mood and get all caught up soon. I made a big dent on my commenting last night will try to get it all up to date tonight.

Be well


Monday, February 19, 2007

19 February 2007

WOOHOO!!! Okay now I can do the happy dance, the well is fixed and we have water and heat again (can't say I was happy with the bill though!!!). The weather is changing again, going from below average temps straight overnight to above average temps LOL. Snow is starting to melt leaving a mushy mess but I will take it no problem after the trials of the last few weeks. Didn't get to shoot anything today as I was busy trying to catch up and probably will be for the next few days as the stables thaw out and need to be stripped and rebedded again.

Now all I have to do is win the lottery and hopefully get my little truck fixed so that I have transport again.

Thanks to you all for your kind words of support over the past week or so, I hope that life can get back to normal now, whatever normal is LOL.

I am posting an old pic today, it is one of my filly and the mother of my bottle raised baby in the mud from a few years ago. This is probably what I have to look forward to with the snow melting LOL.

See Y'all


Sunday, February 18, 2007

18 February 2007

I thought the one below looked like a dolphin jumping

I just havent had the inspiration for much today. We are still without water and the guy who was meant to come to pull the well pump yesterday never showed up and we cant raise him on the phone. So we will start the rounds of plumbers again tomorrow. I am still having to get friends to ship water in for the horses, about 130 gallons for them alone a day and this was day 3. I am just so disheartened. I saw these icicles today which formed from the snow melting on the roof of the house and dripping down onto the plants below (it was about 18F today) and the one lot is hanging from the roof.
See Y'all

Saturday, February 17, 2007

17 February 2007

Thanks so much to everyone for your good wishes and support, I value each one and it is so comforting to know that there are a lot of people out there who actually care. I know that the visitors to my blog are from all over the world, isn't that amazing?

To continue the saga, we still havent been able to have the pump pulled up and checked or replaced so we are still without water. Jennifer (our home health aide) is bringing me water in gallon jugs two times a day bless her heart. Consider that each horse in the winter will drink 10 - 15 gallons a day (in the summer they can drink 20 - 25 gals a day) and we have 13 horses, it starts to add up, and that is excluding what we need to use in the house. Gonna have to visit the local laundromat LOL, havent done that in years!!!!! I put all the horses out today and fortunately with the snow that helped because if they get thirsty they will eat the snow, not ideal but certainly helps.

It snowed lightly all day, probably had an inch or two and it is still so we will see what it looks like tomorrow. I got the camera out for a bit today and walked down the lane to check for mail, snapped a few pics of the horses as I walked down and don't know what I was thinking but I overexposed everything!! Oh well the pics made interesting processing. I did a quick fix on a few and these are the ones I have posted, the blue eye is the baby Dream and the black and white is my filly Lori and BB, I thought it was a cute moment. I will have to go back and process it from the RAW file and will probably get a better result, I just used the small JPeg for these.

Thanks again everyone. I will get back to my regular commenting etc. as soon as possible, I dont get to everyone every day at the moment but promise I will soon.

Keep smiling


Friday, February 16, 2007

16 February 2007

"It never rains but it pours" and "bad things always come in threes" are two sayings that I am getting used to these days. Woke up at 5am this morning feeling a bit cold, checked the heat and it was down 4 degrees which means that the heater isnt working which means that either the well pump has blown or the pipes are frozen again. The outside temp was -3F!!! Tried the faucets and no water AGAIN. Spent 3 hours with the hairdryer trying to heat pipes, put the heaters all in the basement again, after 5 hours still no luck. I had been trying to tell my husband for the last 4 hours that it couldnt possibly be the pipes and I thought it was the pump, but would he listen???? Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!! He cant get down there coz he's in a wheelchair so he is just guessing LOL. So now I have 13 horses and no water. Got the neighbor to get some gallon jugs of water from his house (hot water) and I started melting snow in the kitchen on the stove LOL, sounds crazy but you do what you have got to do. It is now after 3 and we are still trying to get a plumber/electrician out, expecting one within the hour hopefully. 2007 has not started off well for me.

Catblogging day!!!!! Hey I even remembered what day it was. This is Sylvester again but this time with my fourth cat who is his brother from the same litter. I call him Ginger Cat, very original. He was from a litter that one of the wild cats had in my old barn. When the kittens were old enough to go it alone I heard him crying behind the old barn, so of course I took pity and started leaving food and water for him. He was very wild. Gradually he befriended me and then all of a sudden Sylvester showed up as well, also wild and he mellowed slowly too. I knew they were from the same litter as I had found them when they were very small where the mother cat had made a nest for them and I took some photos of them. She moved them a few days later again. Well they are here to stay and they like laying on the window sill on the porch where the sun shines in to keep warm. They pile up on top of each other. I have also posted two other pictures I took a few years ago when I had about 12 cats. This box was on the porch too and if you look closely in the one picture there are 4 cats in it and in the other picture there are 5 cats in it!! These two pics are a bit smaller than my others as they were taken from my archive sized pics, didnt have time to re-edit them now, just thought they might get a giggle.

Keep your fingers crossed that I get water and heat again soon. Hope you all had a great day.
Update 9:05pm - The plumber says it is not the capacitor that it is the actual well pump and he cant pull it out we have to find someone else to do it. We can't find a plumber who is willing to even come and look before Monday and then If I thought the last bill was big this one will be three times as much if not more!! So it looks as if I am going to be without heat and water until at least Monday. Our home health aide and I gathered all the gallon containers we could lay our hands on this evening and she went home and filled them up and brought them back so we could give the horses water. And it will all start again tomorrow. I was beginning to feel better but this is just the pits, sorry I am moaning but I just dont know what to say or do at the moment.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

15 February 2007

We had another sunny cold day, max probably about 15F but not too unbearable, hardly any wind which is a blessing. I put the mares out and they didnt do much, so didnt get many pictures of them and certainly nothing exciting. So I put the babies in and put my young stud Blue out where the babies normally run so he could get some exercise. He had a ball. At first he didnt want to go into the deep snow unless I went there first, silly boy, then when he got the hang of it he was doing his snow plow thing with his nose, just about burying his head under the snow trying to get to the bottom of the pile, rolling and playing. So today is devoted to him. I have stacks of pictures of the babies and him that I love but just too many to post on here, might make a webpage and send a link.

I know it is in here somewhere!!!!

Whoopie, this stuff is fun!!

Okay this stuff is deep, maybe if i plow it with my nose first I
can walk through it a bit easier.

Hope you all had a great day. Thanks again everyone.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

14 February 2007

Happy valentines day everyone. This is just one of the photos I have posted, the rest are at the end of this message.

Well the wind had died by this morning and we had 17 inches of snow on the ground but in drifts which is a bit of a pain because you will get patches with nothing then drifts 5 feet high LOL.

After I had trudged back and forth between the barns and house a few times through thigh deep snow I was pretty pooped! Had to shovel quite a bit from the doorways etc and along the paths so it would be easier to go back and forth. Some neighbors tried to plow us out and dig us out, our lane is about a quarter of a mile long so it is very difficult to negotiate without it being plowed after snow. We finally got it all cleared so everyone could get in and out by about 4pm.

I really wanted to put the mares out today because it was reasonably warm 18F and is going to drop dramatically so was a good opportunity, but with all the equipment and drifts covering fences etc. plought etc. I didnt want to chance it. Will try tomorrow, they will have a ball.

I did however let the babies out of the barn and this is the most snow they have ever seen. I have tons of photos of them and dont know which to post. They had a ball, used their noses as snow ploughs, rolled in it, played in it, ran in it and just enjoyed it. It was a beautiful sunny day too which was great.

I feel a lot better today so thank you to all who sent best wishes and support. I REALLY appreciate it, knowing I can come here and vent and that you will all understand and support me is such a godsend.

Enjoy the pics. I am really tired after all the shovelling etc. today so I will get to everyone's blogs tomorrow for my commenting, off to get a bit of beauty sleep, I need it!! More Photos following:

Our local pastor and a friend trying to get a part of the drive cleared. Every time the plow made three feet it got stuck and he had to drag it backwards until it got traction again, and he would roar forward to make another few feet!!! His truck was just too low.

Another neighbor with his 4WD which has a larger and better tyres for the job, he got most of it cleared with this truck with no problem for which we were very grateful.

The babies having their first taste of deep snow, as I said it was in drifts so some was deep and then you would get valleys with nothing. They loved it.

The snow drifted against this barn wall a few feet high, they had fun climbing it and shoving their noses into it.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

13 February 2007

Weeeellll what can I say, this has definitely been the strangest winter that I have experienced since coming here 6 years ago.

When we get our worst weather it always comes out of the east and this storm has come from that direction with a vengeance. It only happens once or twice a year that it will blow rain or snow from this side but the problem is that it takes the snow directly onto the porche on the front of our house which has a storm door that is missing and hasnt been replaced. It is sitting waiting for someone to come and install it. We were hoping that would happen before this storm hit, it didnt, so now my whole porche is filled with snow up to the front door. Also my old barn doesnt have the sliding doors that the new one does so I just have a tarp over the door which has seen better times and because the wind is so strong every little nook and cranny has become a snow filter which has resulted in half the inside of that barn being under a few inches of snow too. Luckily two of the horses havent been affected and the third one only slightly with half of her stall being under snow. At least they are out of the wind which I am glad of. The winds have reached 40 mph and the snow drifts are half way up my thighs in some places. That is the problem when there is wind and snow, in some places there is no snow but then it banks up where there is a tree, vehicle or some obstruction and can get to be very deep. Tomorrow if the wind dies I will try to photograph some of the drifts. In front of both barns I had to wade through drifts thigh deep to get to the doorways. I think I would have preferred the 16" of just falling snow without the wind, at least that doesnt seep into every crack and corner.

Well that is my vent for the day. We are going to stay cold for a few more days at least. I have posted two shots that I took through the kitchen window because if I tried to open the window or take the camera outside it was impossible to shoot with the wind. They dont really show how bad it was but the one is looking out over our field and the other is looking towards two of the neighbors, one of which was plowing his drive.

I am pretty down today so please forgive me I promise I will try to find something positive to portray out of this miss and will be in a better mood.

Hope you are all well and everyone who is experiencing this same story is safe and warm.


Monday, February 12, 2007

12 February 2007

I have had a hectic day AGAIN!!! We are expecting a severe snow storm starting shortly and will probably result in between 8 & 15 inches of snow by this time tomorrow evening. Thankfully it looks as if we will not get the ice and freezing rain this far north, but south of Indianapolis they will get a bit of everything. So I have had to bed all the horses down again because the snow will be followed by below zero temps and temps of -4F again and three days of max of 10 F and I can be sure I am not going to get a lot done outside in that cold. I also had to get the bus that we use for the horse shows (details of that follow) started so I could do some emergency shopping. It is diesel and has to be kept heated and the batteries were a bit flat from the cold. It has taken me about a week to get it started again so at least I have transport. The downside is that the lane to our house is about quarter of a mile long and has a hill that drifts when it snows and blocks off anything from getting in and out until it has been plowed, which we rely on the neighbors for and they arent always accomodating. We are the third house along and dont have a very good relationship with the second family. Looooong story LOL. He is a nutcase. So I may be snowed in for a bit. As a result I havent even looked at my camera today.

In the summer months I shoot a lot at horse shows for the exhibitors, I have a 24 seater bus which has been converted to accomodate my husband and his wheelchair, the computer, printers and all the other equipment I need to edit, print and deliver the photos at the show. It has been fitted with an airconditioner, cupboards, microwave and refridgerator so we are pretty self sufficient. You can see proofs from some of the 2006 shows on my website htttp:// they are mainly palomino, Pinto (spotted horses) and Welsh Ponies and Cobs and Quarter Horses.

While I am at the shows I do the standard shots in the arena that the exhibitors want and also look for unusual stuff to use for stock images. Quite often these pictures will also appeal to the rider and they will actually purchase a print of them.

Here is one which, although it isn't a horse as such it is an equine theme and I rather like it. I have started a collection of these so what the heck I will post two of them LOL.

Hope you had a good day and I hope we keep our sanity and electricity over the next 24 hours.


Sunday, February 11, 2007

11 February 2007 (2nd Post)

MiKael asked about the Blue Roan coloring. This is BB's Daddy. He is a true Blue Roan, the black head and black three quarters up the legs and black tail and the rest of the body grey and white hairs intermixed giving it the blue roan effect. Because BB is a paint horse she has the white legs except for the one where just above the knee you can see the black before it changes to roan. She has a black patch in her tail too and the black head. I took this shot at a Quarter Horse Show I was the official photographer of when he was a three year old. He belonged to some good friends of ours that live in Iowa. We had bred him to our Black and White spotted mare Cat that was in yesterday's picture. About six months after this shot was taken he had a similar accident to the one our white stud had where he got his front legs over the top of the roundpen and the one slid down between the two panels, he lost his balance and was found hanging from his front leg. Unfortunately his story didnt have such a happy ending as ours did, he had been there longer than our colt had and hadnt been as calm either and the injuries were really bad. He had to be put down a few days later because of the injuries. I just wish he had been closer to us because I would have taken him on and tried to heal him like I did with our colt and at least given him a chance as a stud but his owner decided not to and as a result BB is one of only two babies that he sired. I just wish she had a bit more of his build in the hind quarters, she has a great chest and muscular in the forearms and gaskins but she is still growing so we will see. This was one of the most beautiful horses that I have ever laid eyes on and he was so well mannered, you had to see him in person, I couldnt take my eyes off of him. I still tear up when I think that he didnt have a chance at life because he was wonderful and I am sure would have sired a lot of beautiful babies.

His name was A Blue Dude, so BB is called IMA Blue Dudette on her registration papers.
Okay that is my soppy bit for the day. Cheers

11 February 2007

This is BB again running towards me, she is so full of fun. It is a bit dull today but the temps have picked up a bit, still well below freezing and expecting 6 - 12" snow Tuesday thro Wednesday, although that could change, these forecasters are not notorious for being right over the long term. Then expecting another temperature plunge but hopefully only for a few days. We are not out of the woods yet, I feel sorry for the people in New York State, in some places 110" snow already!!!!!

Trying to have a quiet Sunday for a change. Got the plumbing all sorted out but just about had a heart attack when we got the bill :-( but at least we now have water and heat in the house at least, the one barn faucet is still frozen and the other started running again today.

Have a nice peaceful Sunday all.


Saturday, February 10, 2007

10 February 2007

Another reasonably good day despite the load of sawdust I had to unload, whew that stuff sure gets into your eyes and nose LOL despite the mask and goggles!!

Still very cold but I think we were up to about 18F today. I had all the horses out and after I had put them in the field I walked down the lane to get the mail but took a shortcut through the field. On the way back the mares were hanging around the gate so as I came over the hill I called them, they saw me and I crouched down in the snow. Of course they absolutely had to see what was out in the field!! I got one pretty good shot of three of them coming towards me which is the one I have posted. In the front is "Cat", then "Piglette" and last "Lori". BB was also there but she was a little late to get in the picture. They normally play in the snow but havent done much of it this year so I havent taken as many good snow shots as I normally do.

Well that's my story for the day, hope you all had a good one. Counting the days til spring when I can get to ride the two horses that have been started for me. My bottle baby is doing very well with the trainer apparantly so she will be ready to ride when I get her back around the month end.


Friday, February 9, 2007

9 February 2007

Today was a far better day thank heavens, thanks to all for your encouragement and kind words, I have really battled this winter more than before and we still have a long way to go. At least we stayed above 0F today with a Max of 15F (-8C) and it felt like summer compared to the last few days.

I have gotten a bit behind on my commenting and checking in on everyone's blogs, so if you have asked me a particular question and I havent answered just give me a nudge via e-mail and I will try to help where I can. Anna I havent forgotten about your photo sale question just need to do a bit of research.

I didn't get the camera out again today because I have been running like mad trying to catch up so once again I am putting my catblogging picture up which is one that I took a while back. I don't have this little cat anymore, he never did have a name, I had 13 barn cats at the time, but he was such a lovely little cat and very photogenic.

Hope you all enjoy and had a great day, thanks again.


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