Saturday, March 24, 2007

24 March 2007

I have found very little to inspire me over the past few days because of the rain and mud but last night as it started getting dark, two cotton tail bunnies came out onto the front lawn and I managed to get some shots of them in the failing light with my 80-400 lens at 800asa!

(Click on picture to enlarge)

So as that was shot yesterday after I had posted my blog I decided I would put this one in which I shot this morning in our basement. Yuk I am terrified of spiders but I can't kill them either, so next best thing take a photo of it and let it just skulk away LOL. Would be interested to know what kind of spider it is though. Sorry if I am once again grossing you all out but these things need to be done you knowLOL.

(Click on picture to enlarge)

I hope you are all having or have had a great Saturday, and also have a wonderful Sunday.



CG said...

OOOH, much prefer the bunny!! surprisingly little noise considering to ISO! the spider...well, I am terrified of them but i can't kill them either, how big was this one???

Julie Blair said...
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Anna said...

That spider gives me the creeps BIG TIME Anna....


I see what you did here....the adorable bunny is supposed to distract me from that 8 legged thing!

Didn't work...I am SO oughta here....


photogchic said...

I would be screaming and running out of the house if I saw that spider in my are much braver than I! I can't kill them either. I make my boyfriend catch things and take them outside

Rising Rainbow said...

ooooohhhhhhhhh! Spider. I prefer the bunny too. You'd think with as much time as I spend in the barns, I'd be used to them, but I'm not.

Hope your day was more inspired. I hate the blahs.

Anna said...

Can you post something else??? I am getting the heebie jeebies just looking at that spider! :)

BTW, thanks for your comment on my blog...John comes home next Sunday after 19 days away....I am SO ready for him to be back!

Take care and have a good week!

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