Sunday, March 25, 2007

25 March 2007

I promise no more spiders. LOL. Sorry that's what happens when I lose focus and have nothing to shoot.

I finally got to put the horses out today although it was still very muddy. Can you believe that about a week ago we were struggling to come above freezing and today we had a maximum of 80 with 98% humidity this morning and 45% humidity this afternoon!!!! And guess what, remember the saga of the heating system and the wellpump packing in, well now the cooling system won't work, it just blows hot air!!!!! So we have been 77F inside all day and are sweltering even with the windows open. The flies are starting and so are the mosquitos already. This whole world has gone mad with its weather LOL.

This is my yearling stud colt Dream (one of the babies) after he and his brothers and sisters had roared up an down the narrow piece of field up the side of the barn which is always muddy, he has a mainly white face. You can see the barn is splattered all over with mud and the babies were all solid brown. The one filly who has a big white spot on her side I mistook for Blaze who has no white spot!!!

Here she is standing next to the barn wall, look at the mud, no white spot to be seen!!!!! She also has white legs.
This is BB of course having a walk through the lake still in our field. She rolled about twenty times while I was out there, her hair must be itching something terrible. Another horse turned brown!
And this is Sonny, who is getting bigger and bigger every day. I feel so sorry for her, she is really tired and heavy. This was taken from our bathroom window which ismuch higher than the field so you cant really see the full extent of the belly. She enjoyed her day out too. I have her in a seperate field.
The little girl's parents still havent decided whether they are going to take Wiggle for their daughter, but Shaun our trainer is coming over on wednesday to trim a few of the horses hooves for us so he will bring her and our older stud, Dosie, who he is also working with, for a visit so we can see how they are doing. He is also flooded so it has been hard for him to get time in on both of them since he took them in January with the ice, snow, cold and now rain. I am quite excited to see them.

Well that is about it for the day. Hotter day predicted for tomorrow, so hopefully we can get someone in to look at the cooling system. The saga continues. Hope you all had a great weekend.

(((((HUGS)))))) for those who need them.



Mike said...

I see what you mean with these pictures. You have really gotten the rain and you pictures show the misery of it all.

I hope your wild weather breaks soon.

Anna said...

WOW...that IS muddy! It looks squishy. :) They are great all the same!

Have a good week Lori...

CG said...

Oh my, what muddy horses!! I love Dream; he is just gorgeous. Poor Sonny; I hope she doesn't have much longer to wait - I can remember how that feels!!! I was probably almost as big LOL.
From telling you to keep warm we now need to wish some cool breezes your way and less rain and flies.
Wish you could come over for that get-together, Lori!!! What a lot of fun that would be!!! xxx

Julie Blair said...

Those are some muddy horses!I used to own an appaloosa who was black and white and he would get so muddy you could not see any color either. Seems horses love being muddy! Can't wait to see the new foal.

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