Tuesday, March 27, 2007

27 March 2007

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Just one shot today, and another mud one, sorry not much else to shoot at the moment and I dont want to resort to creepy crawlies again LOL. Here is BB taking a flying leap while they were running and playing. She is a mud ball. I have left the mares out again tonight so this is the 3rd night, gives me a break from poopy stables and it does them good to get the fresh air and learning to be horses. When the mosquitos and flies and biting insects start they have to come in because they get eaten alive.

I have not had a good day today, still no airconditioning although that I can live with. Just feeling really down.

I have a feeling that Sonny may have her baby tonight or tomorrow morning as she was sweating on her neck this evening and although it was in the 70s it wasnt that hot. I am going to do baby checks through the night if I can. She is an old pro but this baby is going to be big and I dont want to take a chance that she may have problems.

So I am going to be short and sweet and will carry on with my visits and comments on all my other "blog buddies" tomorrow.

Hope you had a great night and an even better Wednesday.




Corey Ford said...

ewwww....somebody needs a cleaning, I love your action pics with the horses. sounds like you have your hands full and there's another one on the way best of luck.

AB said...

I love that action shot - great timing!

Hope all goes well with Sonny - will be thinking of you! {{{HUGS}}}

Sorry I'm behind on my commenting Lori, but please know that you're always in my thoughts and I send you much love.


Anna said...

Great action picture Lori...

Memories Catcher said...

Great action picture.I like it a lot!Good job!

talj said...

{{{BIG HUGS}}} to you Lori. I hope that tomorrow brings a little ray of sunshine and that your air con is sorted out soon!

Lovely photos, as always. Lots of love and hugs xxx

CG said...

What a great shot of BB!! Hope Sonny is ok. I think of you so often, Lori, and am so glad I "met" you in blogland! Hope today is a happier day xxxx

Kaycee said...

Wonderful action shots! Horses certainly do have their own characters!
I hope that your days are a better and brighter!

Rising Rainbow said...

That is quite a leap......and she is definitely a mud ball. I know we'll both be glad when we can see our beautiful horses again without all the winter hair and mud.

I wrenched my knee riding today. The saddle slipped when I was re-mounting and I darn near fell off. So now I'm hobbling around. But the riding part was fun. Only riding my granddaughter's horse because I'm so out of share but hope to get back and Legs and Rhythm next week.

Other than that life is about the same. Did they ask for more pictures for your project?

Hope you're feeling ok and that mare foals....I'll be thinking about you.

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