Saturday, March 3, 2007

3 March 2007

I have a really laid back day, more wind, flurries and cold, looking forward to Monday warming up (they keep moving the warm up a day forward at a time LOL). My knee for some reason was really painful again last night and all puffed up this morning, must be more than what I thought, was wrong. I must say at the time it first started I didnt think that I had landed on that knee , thought it was the other one or that I had landed that hard, so maybe I have pulled something in it. Terrible to be getting old!!!

My horse picture today is a digital composite that I did a few years back. The Sunset was shot in South Africa and the silhouette is a cutout of our older Stallion Dosie which I made into a silhouette from one of his photographs where he was so muddy and I liked his form in the canter so this was how I could get away with using it. I must say that I need to redo it but the sunset was a scan from a slide that is still in England. Still in the days where the slide scanners werent that good. I did print an 11"x14" print from it though so the quality is not too bad.
I would prrefer if I had tilted it up the other way and had him running into the shot rather than out of it.

I have been fascinated by Anna P and a few other' plexiglass/perspex photos that create such great reflections. I had a piece of half inch thick perspex laying around here so I cleaned it up a bit and put a black cloth under it but I am just not getting good results, the reflection is nearly invisible. I think the piece is too thick so I will try to get a thinner piece and start again. So this is the result of my experiments, a fake rose and a slinkie which was also an idea I had from Anna P I think again!!!! I wanted a reflection shot but it didnt work so I cropped it like this.
I was hoping to find something that I can work with when I cant get outside where I can try to b creative.

Those are my efforts for the day, here's hoping I can put the horses out tomorrow and that they can enjoy the fresh air and not just hang around at the gate waiting to get back in. It is easier to clean the stables when they arent in them.
Hope everyone is safe and warm, See y'all tomorrow.


CG said...

The composite picture is so effective, Lori, love it!!

I've also wanted to try AB's plexiglass for reflections; hopefully she'll let us know the optimum thickness for good reflections!!

Hope the knee recovers soon.


Elaine said...

I have also wanted to try AB's perspex technique (didn't realize it was plexiglass). She sure knows the secret!

Your composite is gorgeous!

Anna said...

Hey Lori...

These are great pics. I love the slinky....aahhh...childhood memories! :)

Karen said...

The horse photo is fantastic! I really like the slinky too.

talj said...

I really hope your knee recovers soon. In november 2006 I damaged my knee on the same leg that I have the aircast boot on and its been bad ever since :o(

Love your shots today! The composite is fantastic!! Enjoy your laid back weekend! Your deserve it! :o)xx

byhisgracealone said...

Wonderful pics,
enjoyed my visit here


Rising Rainbow said...

I love the composite. It is very cool! I also like the slinky, it looks like it's going to flip right out of the picture.

Hope your knee gets better. My hand is itching something fierce. Driving me crazy, maybe crazier would be more like it.

Kathy C said...

I like your composite picture alot. Great job.

Hope your knee isn't anything serious!

Karen said...

The horse/sunset composite is amazing! Great work!

Make sure you're icing that knee!

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