Tuesday, March 6, 2007

6 March 2007

Like mother, like daughter. Here is BB being a total brat and the second one is her mother Cat doing her cow hopping thing where she launches herself up off all four feet. Sometimes she gets up a few feet off the ground!!!!

I managed to put the horses all out again today although it started very cold 10F and we reached a high of 27 or 28 F. It was a beautiful sunny day with no wind which made up for it and it is definitely raising my spirits.

One of the commenters yesterday said they were surprised that the horses were starting to shed their hair already. I have found that I can normally judge what type of winter we are going to have based on when the horses start to get the winter coats and how thick they get. With them losing them already I suspect that we dont have much cold left to deal with. At least I hope so LOL.

I am still trying to get my submission together, it involves a few hundred pictures so it is very time consuming so please forgive me if I miss my commenting for the next few days. I will try to catch up as soon as I have got this finished.

Hope you all had a great day today and are all feeling the optimism of spring in the air, it is a real morale booster.



Pat said...

Fantastic action shots Lori! Wow! Do they ever fall? ;) (As you probably are aware, I know nothing about horses but I really like looking at them.)

I sure hope you are right about winter being nearly over! I've about had enough up here in Guelph!

John Roberts said...

More great timing on your action shots, Lori!

Kaycee said...

I really like seeing the horses in action!
I am glad to hear that it was a little warmer there. Send some of that weather to NY State, please! I think that the high today was only 4 degrees!

Rising Rainbow said...

Yes, they are great action shots, Lori. I sure wish I could get pictures that clear. If I ever get some horses sold maybe I can get your input on a camera.

I'm glad that you had a nice day today and it warmed up some. I almost feel guilty- here it was gorgeous and in the mid 60s. I could hardly believe it. I hope you're right about the horses blowing their coats early because we're going to have an early spring. That would make that groundhog right. I think we all are ready for spring.

I hope your project goes smoothly.

Julie Blair said...


Good luck on the submission....love the 'boingity' shot! So funny. I also figured out what I liked about the shot yesterday with the dirt flying off the mare(name escapes me), the background looks like it is black and white and the horse and forground are in color AND I love the light hitting the horse!
Glad you feel warm at 28 degrees...brrr...it was in the 70's here in SoCal today.

Keep up the good work.

Anna said...

That second shot is amazing Lori. I love that you are there to catch all these moments.

I too am feeling my morale lift a bit...in no small part to all my blogging friends who are doing wonderful Springtime posts!

I am glad that you are feeling a bit warmer there.

CG said...

I love those cowhopping shots - so funny and so full of energy!!

More good luck sent your way for the submission and I hope winter is on the wane for you.

talj said...

Great work Lori!! Sorry I am so late posting! Busy busy! {{{HUGS}}} to you :o)

Carmi said...

Shot #2 is breathtaking. You have a very fine sense of timing and composition. What are you shooting with?

Good luck with the submission. No doubt, it'll be amazing. Take your time: we'll be here when you're done!

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