Thursday, April 12, 2007

12 April 2007

Hi all

Its just after 9pm, have just got home from the hospital. All went well, it was a long 4 hour surgery again but Larry is great, I waited with him until he was completely out of the anaesthetic and starting to be ornery again!! The doctor is reasonably happy with the surgery, there are two points that he is a bit worried about but we will work through those in the next few days hopefully.

Sonny still hasnt produced her offspring (brat) but I have a feeling that the neighbor who fed the horses today for me while I was away at lunch time and this evening, was keeping a close eye on her because she is his favorite, and she is such a pro at this she has probably been keeping her legs crossed until there is no-one around. I fully expect to find a baby tomorrow morning, and if nothing is there I give up!!!!!

I am pooped so forgive me yet again, thank you all so much for your well wishes, they mean so much to us. I crave for normality (whatever normality may be???) again. The weather today was crazy again, gusty winds, rain and SNOW!!!!!! We dodged the really bad weather yesterday, the storm was much weakened by the time it got here, but it was still a bit of a wild ride.
I have posted another picture of Cat and am hoping it is not one I have posted before. This was a few days ago when she was having a lovely roll in the mud. My brain is numb.

Hope you all have a great Friday.




talj said...

So glad to read that all went well with the surgery Lori. Plenty of {{HUGS}} for both you and Larry!

The weather in your neck of woods sure sounds sporadic!! Really hope everything settles down for you very soon and that you get the normality you are craving!!

Take care xxx

Mike said...

Hey Lori, what an interesting shot. Glad to hear things went well at the hospital and I am sure you are really tired.

Hope your weather pattern calms down some. We are supposed to get lots of rain today in SW Missouri.

Take care.

Anna said...


That horse is enjoying the moment! Mental note for Anna...enjoy the moment. :)

Rest now...I am glad things went well.

CG said...

Glad to hear the surgery went well! lovely photo too.
Take care

John Roberts said...

I'm glad to read that your husband is doing better. We pray the improvement continues.

I've been amazed to learn through your photos how much dogs and horses have in common when it comes to playing. Every dog I've had loved to do just what this horse is doing. Not being around horses much, I've never gotten to see this kind of behavior. This site is not just a photo site, it's an educational site!

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh man, that's quite a roll. We like them to be nice and clean and they love nothing better than to wallow in the dirt. That is a happy horse!

Glad to hear the surgery went well. Hope the weather improves for both of us!

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