Friday, April 13, 2007

13 April 2007

Hi everyone

Today's picture is of a cat that was born here that we found a really great home for. His name is Bandit and two winters ago he spent the winter here as his new owners had to go to Florida for a few months. He fitted in nicely and I was sad to see him go home again.

Thanks for all the well wishes I really appreciate them. Larry is doing very well, the doctor is happy, I spoke with him today. I didn't manage to get up to the hospital today as I just had so much on my plate and Larry said to catch up on everything so I can go up tomorrow. He is feeling better too so all seems to be going well.

I spent the day getting some prints matted and framed for an exhibition of local artists that they are having at our local city building. I had to choose 2 prints which was hard. I had to go to Muncie which is about 20 odd miles away, they have an awesome place called Hobby Lobby which has a large selection of matting and frames and they can also cut matts and make up frames to your specifications. The icing on the top was that they had 50% off all open backed frames and precut matts until tomorrow so I saved quite a bit.

After doing that I had to get stalls cleaned as they hadnt been touched in over two days because of the trip to the hospital and then the surgery. We had a beautiful sunny day today, a bit cold but lovely. I put the horses out again and they had a ball. We are expecting rain and snow to move in tonight and for the rest of the weekend :-(

Sonny still has not foaled!!!! I give up LOL.

Well I am going to catch up on a few comments and will "see" you all tomorrow.




MPRPRO said...

I don't go for cats but I love photography. This is an excellent photograph. Great work Lori.

Kathy C said...

Hobby Lobby is the best and you are blessed to have one 20 minutes away! I bet catching up helped take a load off your shoulders.

My continued well wishes to you, Larry and the herd.

Mark said...

Nice job of keeping *almost* all of the detail in the cat's white parts. That's not easy on a sunny day.

Off to check out some more of your work.

CG said...

What a lovely fluffy cat. Glad the news from the hospital is so good but that weather forecast is not! Once again i wish we were neighbours; Sian and I would have had a lot of fun clearing out your stalls (we are strange like that!)
I know how Sonny feels - i was pregnant for nearly 10 months the first time!!!

Abraham Lincoln said...

Well, you are special. All of your work and it is all beautiful. The cat is very nice. I like the horses though and this vultures are super. I copied one just to have something to look at as a reminder of what I need to find. There used to be a railroad that ran through our town. It is now a bike trail. Hardly anyone on bikes go fast enough to kill anything so the likelihood of finding a dead animal being devoured by vultures is slim to none. I just never even thought about looking along a railroad track for them, and that is about as good a place as any. Our railroads are almost all gone in this part of Ohio. So my first objective would be to find some.

Your photos of this bird are stunning. I never saw so many in one spot in my life.

Thanks for sharing.

Abraham Lincoln

talj said...

Lovely cat shot Lori! Glad to hear Larry is doing well! And great savings on the frames...excellent news!!

Glad you've been able to do a bit of a catch up and hope that you have a good weekend {{{HUGS}}} xx

Rising Rainbow said...

Great deal on the mats and frames. That stuff adds up so fast.

Like this kitty too. I'm as much a cat person as a horse person just don't collect the cats like I do the horses.

I didn't even get a post done yesterday. Was so wiped out after a day with the farrier. Today the vet is coming and we're gelding 4. Wish me luck.

Julie Blair said...

Beautiful cat Lori. I always forget about cat blogging Friday...but I don't have any cats around me that I can get close enough to photograph.
Glad that hubby is doing well.

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