Tuesday, April 17, 2007

17 April 2007

Okay just gotta see what all this enthusiasm is over this green stuff that Mom loves to bite so much!!

It's gonna be more baby pics I am afraid LOL.

The little darling decided that he didn't want to get his hooves muddy so would not go into the field today when I wanted to put them out. He far prefers the front lawn where he can canter around and not get too dirty LOL. There is mud at the gate, not too bad but he didn't like it at all so we had to settle for two excursions on the lead rope for momma so that we could eat some nice green grass (the front garden) and "Taxes" (love that name Annette!!!!) could stretch his looooooong legs.

I have just about caught up on the barn work but tomorrow I have to unload a trailer of hay and then go through to Fort Wayne to see Larry. Two hours (one each way) on the road and then hopefully will get a few hours to spend there.

We had an absolutely beautiful day today, 70F which after the near freezing temps was a real turnaround.

Cat (the black and white mare) is absolutely beside herself. She wants Sonny's baby. Yesterday when I put them out, she stood at the gate and whinneyed all day because she couldnt see Sonny and the baby. Today I put her and the other mares out in the field that joins onto Sonny's stable and she stood outside the door to Sonny's stable the whole day much to Sonnys dislike. When I took the baby and momma out tonight for their bit of exercise and grass, Cat just about climbed over the gate!

I hope everyone is well today and that those on the East coast are recovering from the terrible weather and storms that they have experienced recently. Thanks everyone your thoughts and concerns are greatly appreciated. (((((((Hugs))))))) to those that need them. Talj, AB, CG, Anna, Mikael, Julie and Julie you are all in my thoughts.



Julie Blair said...

Lori, He is the most precious thing!! I want him too! Have a safe trip tomorrow to the hospital...hope hubby is better and can come home soon!

Rising Rainbow said...

Cute photos. Spoiling him already though, not making him go through the mud. LOL And grazing in the yard! Funny lady.

70 outside, I'm so jealous. Cold and wet here. Hope your trip to town goes ok.

One of my geldings is throwing clots but other than that and the ugly weather things are good.

CG said...

No wonder Cat wants him; I'd be climbing fences to get to him too. i love that shot of him with his tongue out. good luck with the trip to town, am thinking of you too!!


Abraham Lincoln said...

So pretty. I think the other horses are a bit jealous too. Anyway, the horses are so fortunate to have you as their caretaker.

Have a good day.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

Anna said...

My daughter and I are melting over here. These are precious! What a sweet animal...


talj said...

lovely images Lori, I am not a horsey person but these are sooo cute!! Glad to hear the weather has brightened up a bit for you! Hope it continues!

{{{HUGS}}} xx

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