Wednesday, April 18, 2007

18 April 2007

Okay I have managed to load a picture. This is Tax (4 days old) and his momma Sonny this morning (Thursday 19 April 2007). I finally got him into the field without running thro the fence and this is one of the first shots I took. More on todays post when I get them edited.

(Blogger won't let me upload a picture tonight, I will get one posted in the morning)

Pheew what a day. Went to see Larry today after unloading a trailer full of hay and doing all the other chores. Only got back at about 8pm. So this is another rush job.

The baby is too gorgeous. He is getting stronger, and naughtier, every day. I am going to work on the fence tomorrow so he can see it better and to avoid having him running into it.

I will post more tomorrow. I can't wait until Larry gets home, this commuting back and forth to see him is taking so much time and energy.

See y'all tomorrow.



Rising Rainbow said...

Geez, I thought the problem with pix and blogger was just me.

Glad to hear your liking your colt. New babies are just too much fun!

Do you have an idea when Larry might be coming home? I would hate the commuting thing too. not enough hours in the day to get my work done as it is.

Next week is the horse show. I had to shop for breeches and still have to shop for clothes for halter. I hate shopping. I'd be a recluse if I could. The only time I leave home is horse related. Well once in a while Dave's family stuff or work but he has to drag me.

Hope you have a good day and your weather is better. Ours is a mess.

Abraham Lincoln said...

Well, I hope you get through and pictures up. LOL. Mercy. I guess they have problems too. We took a horse picture yesterday as well.

Today I show my wife, of 52 years, and President Bush's jet that is carrying his automobiles.

Abraham Lincoln

talj said...

Seems most people have had problems with blogger over night! Hope you have a good day and that the weather keeps getting warmer for you :o) {{HUGS}} for you and Larry :o)

CG said...

Beautiful pic of mom and baby! Hope weather continues to improve. Best wishes to Larry and you too dear :)

Kaycee said...

Just look at those beautiful and graceful horses! I hope that Larry is able to come home soon!

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