Monday, April 2, 2007

2 April 2007

Same old same old I am afraid, been really busy today so It is muddy horses again. It will get better I promise. The top one is of Piglette who we rescued from a PMU ranch. This is probably the first year in the last four or five that she hasnt been carrying a foal and she is such a happy horse!! She does love to roll in the water though!!! Cat is looking on with great interest. They have become best buddies.

I am a bit bummed out today as it looks as if my husband is going to have to go into hospital on Friday for surgery to fix the pressure sore that he has developed. This is not the first time by any means but every time we worry ourselves sick about it. He has been dealing with this for 25 years, I don't know how he stays sane, I have only been dealing with it for 6 years and it is really hard. We will know when we visit the plastic surgeon Friday morning but he has already told us to go prepared for him to stay. It is 50 miles up to the hospital and it can be really hard to do that trip every day, especially with the cost of gas and of course my little truck is not the most reliable. I cant wait for 2007 to be over it has already been such a bad year.

Oh well that is my effort on spreading joy and happiness LOL. I hope everyone is doing great and that spring is arriving for you all. MiKael I know you said it is still freezing in Washington State, keep warm.

"See" y'all tomorrow and I promise I will try to have some more interesting shots for you all to see then.

(((((((HUGS)))))))))) for those who need them.



Mike said...

Hi Lori,

I really like the shots today, especially the top one. It's always nice to see a horse running.

Yeah, it was me that talked about the forsythia. I reread what I posted and boy do I need to proofread better! We used to have a lawn and garden shop when I was growing up. It also comes from reading the White Flower Farms catalog every spring. Grew up in a small town, so there wasn't much to do.

Hope things get better for you all, it must be in the air, hasn't been a real good year so far for me either. But it's going to get better.

Take care and as always thanks for stopping by.


Julie Blair said...


That is one muddy horse in the first picture! hahaha...I think it is funny that horses like to be so dirty.

Doesn't seem to be the best year for alot of has to get better...
Thanks for your comments on my blog!

Sending you lots of hugs!


photogchic said...

At least someone else has a horse that likes the mud as much as mine! Still waiting for things to dry up. Tonight we are supposed to get down to freezing in Portland, Oregon. I just want some sun, is that so much to ask?

Sorry to hear about your husband:-( Good luck Friday with things. I will send good thoughts your way.

CG said...

Lori, I hope all goes well for your husband if he has to go for surgery. It must be so hard for you both. You are having a rotten year. Lets hope it starts to pick up soon.

I don't think I've ever seen such a muddy horse as Piglette!!

LOTS AND LOTS OF {{{HUGS}}}from Helsby xxx

John Roberts said...

I'm learning more about horse behavior at this site all the time. I had no idea they loved mud so much!

The photo of the horse running is my favorite of these two. Your action shots are really good! Great timing!

Our thoughts are with you and your husband. I hope everything goes well.

talj said...

Hi Lori,

So sorry to hear your husband may have to stay in and have surgery. I will keep you both in my thoughts and hope that things work out the best for you both.

With rising costs of things like fuel (gas) it sure makes the simple things in life that bit more difficult. Hope the truck holds out for you too!

Lovely shots, really like the one in the water. All your horses look like they have so much fun!

{{{HUGE HUGS}}} to you xxx

Abraham Lincoln said...


First, thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and comment on what you saw there.

I like horses, as I already told you, and that they are covered with mud doesn't bother me. I am sure they do it for some reason we can't associate with healthy living.

Your explanation of what we are looking at is really appreciated by me. Thanks too for that.

Brookville Daily Photo
720 pixels

Abraham Lincoln said...



I meant to add, good luck to your husband. If he needs surgery then I suppose it is best under any circumstances. Good luck.

Brookville Daily Photo
720 pixels

L said...

Aww, Piglette is so cute! I really love the one with the pond - very idyllic looking... although I know that's not what it's actually been like for you lately.

Hope it goes well on Friday!

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