Tuesday, April 3, 2007

3 April 2007

Hi all, thanks so much to all of you that have visited and left messages, they really make my day. I have had a really hard day, we are expecting severe thunderstorms tonight and I have been stripping all the stables to put new sawdust in them as I have another trailer load and it is easier to put it straight into the stables than to unload it into the stockpile. Thehorses have spent the last two nights out because it has been so mild, so I needed to get finished before the rain started. It started raining lightly at about 4pm and I still had 3 stables to go so had to bring them in and will probably only get to the sawdust tomorrow. I am pooped.

The pictures today are ones previously taken. The top one is the B&W stud colt born last year called Eb. The other horse is my bottle baby Wiggle. Eb is doing what all baby horses do when they come in contact with an older horse, they sort of pull their lips up and back and almost do a chewing action with the mouths. I think it is a submissive action, maybe I need to try to research it and find out why. It is just a nice photo because the colors were so great that day.

The second one is of the mare who is meant to be foaling any day, Sonny, and her baby from four years ago. He was trying to shelter from the flies LOL and I caught this shot of him using his mommas tail.

I may not get to comments tonight as I am going to turn in early, but will get back up to speed tomorrow again. I am hoping the storms arent too severe.

((((Hugs))))) to all who need them. Have a great Wednesday.



CG said...

Beautiful shots, Lori, I actually laughed out loud at the baby with his mommie's tail over his eyes to keep off the flies! Talk about good horse sense.

I hope you enjoy your early night and feel rested tomorrow after your busy day.
HUGS back at you xxx

Anna said...

That second pic is too cute Lori! Have a good day tomorrow!

Kathy C said...

Lori I hope you have a good nights rest and little stormage.

Mike said...

I really like both of these shots Lori. I hope your week improves and I will be thinking and praying for you all as Friday approaches.

Take care.

Julie Blair said...

Hi Lori. Sorry you had a hard day. I hope tomorrow is better. The pics are grat! I laughed too at the one with the foal and tail over his head! Too cute. momma is good for something eh? Can't believe she has not foaled yet! What is she waiting for?

I am going to bed early too tonight....yawn. Tiring day here too.

Hugs and prayers.

Karen said...

Two very sweet photos today, gorgeous!

Rising Rainbow said...

I love both of these. your horse pics show their personalities, that's my favorite part. They make me smile.

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