Tuesday, April 24, 2007

24 April 2007

These first two pictures are dedicated to Anna in London and Carmi in Canada. They are always seeing these amazing shapes and lines and this caught my eye at the hospital. I was on the second floor (for those in Europe, England it is the first floor as the bottom floor is called the ground floor, here in USA the ground floor is considered 1st floor!!) and you can look down on the church chapel. It has this stained glass window which picks up the sunlight and I loved the shapes.

This is also one of my favorite types of shots with the backlighting to give the rim light. This is the little monster. He is a great subject.
Things did not go well at the hospital today. I spent about 4 hours there and it was dreadful, Larry was totally naurotic, hallucinating and refusing to take his medications and let them take his vitals. He hasnt eaten or drunk anything since yesterday and is convinced that there is a conspiracy. He wont sleep because he thinks someone is going to kill him. I am devastated, I didnt see my husband today, I saw a stranger. We are not sure what is causing it as he has been taken off all of his medications that would be narcotic or cause this type of reaction. I think it is triggered from depression. When I phoned the hospital this evening they said they had been able to sedate him and when the doctor came by he allowed them to take the blood to run tests and change his dressing. He wouldnt even let me give him his meds or go to sleep while I was there. He kept telling me all these ludicrous stories. They put a sedative in his IV while I was there and he managed to get half an hour sleep and a few more 15 minute stints.

I am going to do my chores tomorrow morning and go straight up and spend the day there. We are expecting 2 - 3 inches of rain over the next two days so the horses can stay indoors.

I am really drained so I am going to keep this relatively short. Hope you are all well and Julie I would love for you and your daughter to come over and help me clean stables, anytime you are welcome LOL. Blaze is the first baby born here last year. He is the most amazing laid back, loving, quiet, clever baby that we have bred. He is a love child (that is what I call him), just loves to be loved on and be the centre of attention. Sometimes I think that he is sick because he is so laid back and quiet. He would make a perfect horse for your daughter!! He is a year old now but I would not hesitate to let someone inexperienced handle him with me supervising.

Good night all. I keep praying that things will get better.




Julie Blair said...

Lori, the pictures at the hospital are great! Love them.

man you have had your share of saddness this year...sending you prayers and hugs. I am thinking about you! Wishing you and your husband happiness and joy real soon!

photogchic said...

I am sorry Lori:-( Our family has been dealing with my step-dads health problems and depression for the last two years. Always new medications and new things come up. He tried to kill himself last November and spent almost a month in the VA balancing out. I know what you mean when you say you saw a stranger. We saw the same thing in November. But things get better...as I type, we are on a family trip in Bend, Oregon. Just got back from a great day together. I hope your husband pulls out of this so you can enjoy a day like I had today.

L said...

Great pics as usual!

I'm sorry to hear about how bad it's going with your husband, though. I'll be praying he'll stabilize and become lucid tonight!

Rising Rainbow said...

Amazing pictures. And Taxes looks like he's pretty darn sure of himself.

Here's hoping that tomorrow is a better day at the hospital with Larry and the blood tests help tell them what is wrong. I know it can get scary. Wish there was something I could do to make it better.

My new gelding was supposed to have a second surgery today but actually turned around so much overnight that we put it off to see if he keeps improving. That's the first positive sign we've had since he was gelded. Here's hoping it stays this way.

Rachel and I head to the show on Thursday. I'm going to try and get my blog posts written up ahead of time so I can just post them in the evening. We'll see if I'm as organized as I talk.

Sending only good thoughts your way! It's got to get better soon!

CG said...

Oh Lori, I am horrified to hear about poor Larry. I really hope and pray things are better today (massive hugs)
Thanks for the story of Blaze; will tell Sian and one day we'll come and help you clean stables I promise!!!
Beautiful photos.
Am thinking of you both Love J xxxx

MPRPRO said...

Lori I don't know what to say other then you are always in my prayers.

It hurts and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Just hang on to faith and hopefully something will come along to help you continue going.

I always have what I need, not always what I want but my needs are never forgoten. It's not like I ever felt that God woke up one morning and said "Oh god I forgot about Mike" He is always there even before I knew it.

Your pictures are excellent too. As always.


Kathy C said...

Lori, what beautiful pictures of the cathedral. I love architectural photographs, I think you caught the lines and lighting perfectly.

I'm so sorry that you and Larry are continuing to struggle with his health. Hopefully the blood test will give some sort of clue as to why this is happening. Hang in there girl.

Anna said...

Love those pics Lori...and I am so glad that you were inspired to look up! Very nice! :)

Mike said...

I love the pictures Lori. Always look up, you never know what you may find there.

I continue to pray for you guys. Hope Larry makes some positive progress soon.

John Roberts said...

The top photo is outstanding! You should do more architectural photography - you seem to have a real eye for it. You're going to blow your cover as a "ranch photographer". LOL!

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