Friday, April 27, 2007

27 April 2007

Catblogging day!! These are two of the kitties that have moved to a nice home. They used to like to lay in the window on our porch enjoying the sunshine in the winter.

It has been another long day. After chores I went up to the hospital and got home at about 5.30pm. Larry is doing really well and is his old self again. Still keeping him under surveilance as his blood pressure and heart rate are fluctuating more than they would like.

We are expecting sunshine and 70s tomorrow and Sunday so I will be putting the horses out again after 3 days of being cooped up. Taxes is bouncing off the walls with energy and being as naughty as always. He tried to kick me tonight and got a nice smack for his troubles and a loud NO!!!! so hopefully he will have learned a lesson. I am not holding my breath LOL.

Thanks again to Mike, Talj, Anna, Anna, Julie, Julie, MiKael, Kaycee, Pat, John, Kathy C, MPRPRO, L, Photogchic, Chad, Tracey, Abe and anyone else I may have missed for your visits and messages. They are all greatly appreciated. (((((Hugs)))))) to you all and have a great weekend.



Mike said...

Such a warm and inviting picture.

Glad to hear Larry is doing well. I hope and pray it continues and that he is able to come home soon.

Give Taxes a swat for me. He sounds like a humdinger.

Above all enjoy the nice weekend.

Anna said...

Have a wonderful weekend Lori!

Anonymous said...

Well, Lori, I thought of you and Larry when I posted my horse picture this morning along with some code on adding things to blogs. Some people find it interesting. I use it all the time.

I will come back tomorrow and see what you come up with.

I spent all day running around taking photos. I wanted a picture of a Brown Thrasher bird so bad after seeing one in the yard back in January or February. Then I never saw them again or it. The other day I just about flopped as there they were (a pair) rooting through the leftover oak leaves and stuff I leave on the ground year round. They were gorging themselves on insects.

I shot about 400 photos yesterday and today and 100 in black and white. Duh. Somehow I set the camera to monochrome. Wow. And some of them are so nice.

Then it was off to the farm to get some shots of sheep and a wild cat.

Also got some head shots of a wild turkey. Alien like for sure. Colors will blow your tubes.

Ha ha.

Anyway. Anyway, Raccoon, Brown Thrasher, White-throated Sparrow, and turkeys and cows and sheep and I forgot. I worked on about 1000 photos today and picked the best for use.

My best wishes to you, Larry and the horses.

CG said...

Cats will always find a sunny ledge somewhere won't they? xx

Rising Rainbow said...

I like the expression on the orange cat's face. So typical cat...

I don't know how for sure I ended up with the comment doubled on the upper post, tried to delete it and something wierd happened.

Hope Larry is doing better and another surgery can be avoided.

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