Sunday, April 29, 2007

29 April 2007

Hi all. Had a better day today, still having headaches but think it is just stress. Larry is still doing well, we are hoping when the doctor gets to see him tomorrow he will give us a date that Larry can come home.

We have had two wonderful days, beautiful sunshine today and warm. I managed to get a few stables cleaned and the horses all got out which made them very happy. They are going to sleep out for a few days, or as long as the weather is good, saves on my time and energy cleaning stalls.

We are going to have Blaze gelded this week. When Larry gets home we will decide what to do about the other two yearling colts. We are also going to geld the older stud, Dosie next. I hate that he can't get to have a life because he cant be with the other horses and know he will make a much better gelding, at least then he can be turned out with the mares until we sell him. Also we can trail ride with him without the liability of having an out of control stallion if he gets near a mare in season. I have had a few beautiful foals by him, my filly Lori is one and so are Wiggle and Blue but the market is so bad and I dont want my horses to end up in the kill pen because they cant be sold. These days the killers will pay more for a horse than someone who wants one to ride unless you have THE horse of the moment in your horses' pedigree and THE right trainer. So sad. If I could find 40 acres I would keep them all and just take my time with them to find good homes and if they dont sell who cares, but I dont so I have to make the most of a bad situation.

Today's pictures are of a bumble Bee (actually a wood bee which tunnels into the rafters and roof trusses in the barns and is a real pest, I have visions of my barn falling down there are so many burrowing tunnels in the wood). This one was in the house on one of the fly screens so I thought I would snap a few shots of it. I dont like the flare on the wings but couldnt avoid it, well I suppose I could have but didnt want to spend the time LOL.

The second shot is of the Brat (Mike I have given him a swat on the butt for you LOL but he is still a bad boy). He was getting ready to sleep and I really like this shot, I think it is one of my favorites of him so far.

Well I am going to get some sleep as I have to start early so I can get up to the hospital. I also want to get to a few blogs tonight so that I can reciprocate for all of your comments and support.

Sleep well and have a great Monday!!.




Mike said...

Lori, great shot of the bee. I really like the picture of Taxes too. Notice how he looks so peaceful.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I appreciate it. I went to Kansas City today with the family and everytime we went by a horse farm I thought about you guys. It is fun to have a passion about something isn't it?

I hope you get good news tomorrow and that Larry gets to come home soon. I know that would help those pesky headaches.

Take care.

Kathy C said...

I hope Larry comes home tomorrow. I'm sure you miss having him around. Hang in there, it can only get better. ((hugs))

CG said...

I hope the gelding goes ok. It's hard to believe a horse could be worth more dead than as a riding horse. Makes me feel sick thinking about it!

Hope your head is better today and that Larry can come home soon. You must really miss him.

I enjoyed the bee photo and hearing about its habits. We don't have those bees here in the UK.

Hugs (missed you while i was away!!)

John Roberts said...

Aw come on, cut Brat a little slack. He's just a boy being a boy! LOL!

L said...

Taxes is just so cuuute. I know he's a brat, but at least his looks make up for it! :-P

Still praying Larry can get home soon.

Anna said...

Yuck....I do not like bees.

Anna said...

But it is a good shot Lori :)

Rising Rainbow said...

Wow, the brat, is growing like a weed! I can't believe how mature he looks already, not like a newborn anymore. But I sure can see his horse size attitude.

I finally have the gelding gone wrong under control, I think. We almost had to do a second surgery because we just couldn't get it to drain, but the hot packs and increased working finally paid off.

I'm with you about having more land and just keeping them and working at it slowly getting them finished and finding the perfect home. Too bad it's not going to work that way for either of us.

Could the headaches be allergy based by any chance along with the stress. I know the pollens are so heavy this year I am dying! I can't remember when I have had a more difficult spring for headaches and dizziness. (Well I'm probably always dizzy along with a bit crazy but my head swimming from pressure on my eardrums has really been a problem)

Hope you have a great day and are feeling better.

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