Tuesday, May 15, 2007

15 May 2007

Here is the brat child being ornery with his mother, he is so desperate for someone to play with and is constantly trying to bite her and bounce around her. He is so cute and of course she endures it until he gets a bit too much then she nips him and puts him in his place. Did I say I love this baby????!!!!!
This shot is of the six yearlings. There is a hot wire on the inside of the fence so they wont put their heads over the panel for obvious reasons LOL. They were wanting their dinner this evening and all congregated waiting to me to feed them so I shot a few pictures of them. Okay so it is picture of eyes and ears but I thought it was cute LOL.

Am expecting a load of hay again tomorrow so will be unloading that in the heat I suppose.

Dosie is doing well, have to give him penicillin shots every day to ward off infection which I hate but am getting more used to sticking needles in them yuk!!. We were expecting severe storms tonight but it doesnt look as if they are going to happen.

I hope that everyone is well and having a good week. Se Y'all tomorrow.



AB said...

Lori, I am SO glad to finally be catching up here - I have missed your photos so much. I love today's shot of the "eyes and ears"; they way they're all peering over the fence is adorable.

I feel like things are back on track now, so I should be much more of a regular visitor here again. You are always in my thoughts though, and I hope all is well.


talj said...

Lovely images Lori...in the 2nd one is that a flying 'thing' towards the top right??

Glad to hear you sounding so happy with the horses :o)

Hope the storms stay away and you have a good day :o) {{{HUGS}}} x

Mike said...

Lori, the "brat" is so cute. I really like today's pictures and the more I see it I really like that top picture from yesterday. I love the angle you captured.

Hope all is well there. It has been kind of hectic here. Take care.

CG said...

Sounds like you are busy as always and what lovely photos. My hands smell all horsy as I've been at the stables. I'm reluctant to wash them LOL. HUGS xx

Rising Rainbow said...

I love the eyes and ears too, it's artsy.

I see the brat child is shedding around his eyes and muzzle, my guy is too. I want to clip him and find out what color is underneath but I won't the weather is too goofy.

I don't know if I missed something but why are you giving one penicillin? I hate having to do those shots more than any other.

We're supposed to be having a weather change here too but it keeps holding off.

Anna said...

Peek-a-boo! What a wonderful capture!

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