Wednesday, May 2, 2007

2 May 2007

I was rudely awoken this morning with the sound of a horse whinneying which is not normal so I looked out to see that the 6 yearlings had flattened one of the fences that are around their lot and there were 3 of them having a ball in the field behind us (they grow hay so they were in their element as their area is bare). Fortunately the other three hadnt figured how to get out yet so I got them into the barn and then phoned the neighbor for help and it took us an hour and a half to get them inside. They had such a wonderful time, galloping full speed around the field but they also went onto the one neighbors back lawn and left hoof prints. I apologised to him and he was okay with it thank heavens. So that was the start of my day, I had to mend the fence before I could put them back out.

Managed to get most of the stalls cleaned in the big barn. We have been having beautiful weather which I am glad of because I can leave five of the mares and the baby out at night as long as the electric fence is working and it is less work for me.

Larry is doing really well and we are hoping that he will come home tomorrow. I will be relieved if he does. I will have to run his antibiotics which are in IV form for a few days at least but that wont be the first time so it will be no problem.

I wish I had the foresight to grab my camera when I went out to catch the horses this morning because they made a beautiful sight galloping flat out together in the beautiful green field.

I didnt get my camera out today so it will be an old picture again I am afraid. Here is Taxes when he was 4 days old with momma watching closely over him.
Have a great night and a wonderful Thursday.


Mike said...

How precious! Just no other word for it.

What a way for your day to start. Hang in there. Hope Larry makes it home tomorrow.

Rising Rainbow said...

Gee, that sounds like a typical scenario in the life of a horse breeder, being rudely awakened by a horse snort coming from the wrong direction.........Glad it worked out ok and the neighbors weren't upset.

I hope Larry gets to come home tommorrow, I know that will be a big relief for you.

the weather here sucks! Rain, thunder, lightning, hail, some sun but not enough to count. Typical spring yuk!

Nazzareno said...

The photograph of your animals are very attractive and full of love

Anna said...

Beautiful, beautiful , beautiful.

Another precious moment with a wonderful perspective. Anyone can take a shot. You have a gift for showing the souls of your horses through your photography.

Thanks so much Lori.

CG said...

Well, your day certainly got off to a lively start!! I love Taxes' cute little fluffy tail in this pic.
I really hope Larry comes home on Friday!!
Got kicked by Theo yesterday when doing my RDA. Well, he scraped a front hoof down the back of my leg more than kicked, didn't really hurt. Other than that he was a good boy :)
HUGs Lori xxx

Anna said...

Just wanted to come back for a second look. I love it.

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