Thursday, May 3, 2007

3 May 2007

Yippeeee, Larry is coming home tomorrow, I am so glad. I will have to monitor his oxygen levels, Blood Pressure and Pulse a few times a day because they are still not 100% right but we suspect that it is all just stress. It will probably come right once he is home.

I am going to make this short tonight. I was out feeding the horses in the field tonight and the sun was pretty low. I noticed some great rim light on Taxes so grabbed my camera to try to capture some of it. Wasnt too successful but got a few cute shots. Also snapped a hornet on the kitchen window fly screen!!!! We seem to have a lot of them around at the moment.

I am hoping to move Cat and Piglette out to the rented pasture down the road on Sunday. I will decide who else will go once they are settled in. I tried a bridle with a bit on Wiggle today and she took it with no problem, so the trainer obviously did some work with her because she was always a bit touchy if you went near her mouth. I will try a saddle on her in the next few days. She is putting on weight nicely and has her personality back.

Have a great Friday everyone, "see" y'all tomorrow.



Julie Blair said...
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Julie Blair said...

OK, I hate it that you can not edit your comments...sorry I ended up deleting...lets try again....Lori, LOVE the rim light on Taxes! Great job and it appears he is chewing on things now! hahaha...Eewwwww on the hornet...I hate bugs. You always get great shots of them though.
Glad Larry is coming home tomorrow! Best wishes for you both...and hugs.

Anna said...

Love the sunshine coming from the back of the image here Lori. It is a sweet pic. Enough with the yucky bugs already....although I will be showing this to my boys because they will think it is the neatest thing EVER! :)

CG said...

Am thrilled larry is coming home!! Hugs to you both.
The photos are breathtaking. i love bug pics as well as horse ones so keep them coming. Have a great weekend!!!

Rising Rainbow said...

I hate that you can't edit your comments'd think that would make me more careful.

I see tht Taxes likes playing with the feed tub. I use those things just because it gives the horses something to do. It's amazing how fast they can wear them out though.

Sounds like you're in for nurse duty for a while. That always adds to my stress levels. Hope everything goes ok.

Kathy C said...

The rim shots are great!

So is Wiggles still up for sale? I'm glad he's putting on weight.

Hope Larry settles in soon. (hugs)

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