Sunday, May 6, 2007

6 May 2007

Hi everyone

It has been a reasonably good day today. We had a visit from our friend Pepper and her Grandma who is 96 years old. Pepper is the lady that looks after a few of our horses in the summer and owns one of the mares we bred. She came over to help me with Wiggle in case I ran into problems with trying her out with saddle and riding her. Well I am happy to report that Wiggle was an absolute star. She still has a lot of weight to put on but she was so good, did her darndest to make me happy. She is such a beautiful filly, it is going to be even harder to part with her now because she was so calm. It is however very apparant that the trainer did very little with her as far as riding goes because she didnt respond well to my leg pressure or even trying to steer her with the reins. If she had been ridden on trails and doing barrel patterns by a 12 year old then I dont know because she was certainly not familiar with what I was asking her to do. I didnt do more than walk her a bit and she was in my pocket when I got off of her. I am so proud of her. I want her to put more weight on before I ask her for any more effort.

So as you will see there are a few shots of her and I from this afternoon taken by Pepper. I really look like an old hag LOL, I should have thought that I would look this bad and at least tried to tart myself up a bit LOL. So please forgive my appearance, I am normally on the other side of the lens.

I will be taking up to date pictures of Taxes tomorrow and will post some more of him soon. He is growing like a weed.

Still trying to catch up on all the work. (((((Hugs)))))) for everyone and just to let you know Larry is doing well. I dont think that he is back to 100% of his prior self but he is feeling a lot better and hopefully will heal and be back to normal soon.

Have a great Monday.




Julie Blair said...

Lori, you are such a doll. Don't say that about yourself....really you look fine. If you are tired then it is understandable! You are the strongest, most giving person and you should be proud of all you do! I am amazed by you every day! It was beautiful here today...finally getting some warm weather!
Hugs to you and Larry....things will continue to get better...I can feel it!

Rising Rainbow said...

OH my, I'm laughing again. We are so much alike. I work around here not really worrying about what I look like or how I dress - the old ranch worker is my current style - and I apologize for it all the time. I think the horses are beautiful but just keep me out of the shot so I don't detract.......

Glad to hear that you had a good time with Wiggle. Not giving to leg pressure doesn't sound like she knows much, but then that doesn't surprise you, I'm sure. At least she was safe to get on. That's good. I'm glad that you have someone you trust to be there to help you just in case. Are you still going to contact the woman who was interested in her?

I hope that Larry continues to improve. And the weather too! Looking forward to more pics of the little monster. I just love ornery colts!

I went to a Region 5 meeting today and there was a barn tour afterwards and in this herd of mares of foals was a devil colt! He was so cute rearing and striking for the watching crowd. And of course, terrorizing the other mares and foals. Wish I'd had a camera even though he wasn't mine. I think this baby horse thing is an illness and I'm chronic.

CG said...

Lori, it's wonderful to see look lovely, my friend. Wiggle is gorgeous too and I love the saddle.

When I went riding in Canada my horse and I did not understand one another. English type riding is different from Canadian. It was certainly an experience!!
Lots of love J xxx

Natalya said...

Hi Lori, Lovely to see you!! Very nice to read that Wiggle was so good when you were riding her!

Glad that Larry is doing well and I hope he is back to his old self very soon!

I have missed you whilst I was away and promise to keep up to date with things from now on!!

Love and {{{BIG HUGS}}} to you and Larry xxx

Mike said...

Hi Lori, It is good to see a picture of you! You and Wiggles look great together. I am glad Wiggles is getting stronger. I am more glad that Larry is getting better.

Things are looking up all over!

Anna said...

I love these shots Lori. I love the last is so loving.

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