Sunday, June 17, 2007

17 June 2007

We had a superhot day today, topped out at 93 again but with very high humidity. We had a small shower last night which helped the plants but set us up for a humid hot day. I went out at 7am to give the horses their hay and water and when I went out to the field to give Taxes and his Momma their hay I was greeted by two deer. This is the closest that I have ever seen them here, so I crept inside and grabbed my camera and shot a few off, they were a bit far for the lens and not all of them were sharp as the sun had not risen over the horizon yet and it was a bit dull but these two were okay. I had to crop them a bit too. They sauntered along the fence line along the railway track then hopped over the fence and climbed the embankment and when they heard the train approaching they trotted over the track and down the other side. It gave me such a sense of calm to see them. It was already very hot even that early so I went and checked the fence as I didnt see them jump and was worried that the fence was down. It was okay.

Taxes did his buzzing bit, cantering full blast past me trying to line me up LOL so I shot a few frames. By that time the sun was coming up a bit. He is such a brat!!!!

I spent the day at the hospital, after putting up fans for all the horses. It gets extra hot in the barn because there is no breeze blowing through it even though it is open at both ends so when it gets into the 90s I usually put fans up on each stable. Spoilt horses I know, but that is me and I like my horses to be happy. Larry is doing really well and the doctor is talking about letting him come home on Wednesday if things continue the way they are. I will have to continue giving him the Antibiotic IVs for about 3 weeks. The doctor says that this is the best that the tissue around his seat area has looked for as long as he remembers so we are very pleased. I will probably go through again tomorrow and then on Tuesday my friend Tiffany and I are going shopping in Muncie (about 19 miles south of us) to get some things for the barn and groceries which I can't get here. We will go past the elk farm and see if there is anything to photograph there and then if it is cool enough she will try to get some shots of me riding Cayenne and Lori, the ones of Cayenne so we can advertise her. She is an awesome filly.

Well that's it. I am feeling much better although I still have a terrible stiffness in my neck and am having trouble turning my head to the left.

I will catch up on a few more of my friends' blogs tonight and then keep whittling away until I get some semblance of order again (if that is possible!!!)

((((((Hugs))))))) and hope you all had a great weekend.



Mike said...

Thanks for your visit Lori. I hope your week goes well and you get some of those barn shots on Tuesday!

I love the picture of Taxes, and the deer shots by the railroad tracks is neat.

Sounds like Larry is doing really well. I hope he continues to improve.

I have been to Muncie. The AMA (American Model Aircraft) headquarters it there. We stopped there once and I really enjoyed their displays. Might make some neat photos someday.

Take care and I really appreciate your stop by the blog.

CG said...

I am glad to know Larry is doing well and that her'll be home soon. love those deer shots. {{HUGS}}

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