Tuesday, June 19, 2007

19 June 2007

Another day over. It rained a few times today, nothing much, just enough to wet the ground and a slightly heaveier shower that soaked into the soil so quick it didnt look as if we had had any at all. It was much cooler today too than the pst 6 days. We are expecting more rain to move in for Thursday.

Larry is coming home tomorow, I am so relieved.

I spent the afternoon with a friend, we have been trying to get together for months and every time we have something planned it gets cancelled for one reason or the other!!! I got my shopping done and we are going to do photos of me riding the horses tomorrow morning before Larry gets home.

Photos today are of some of the flowers at the place where our 4 horses are out in pasture. The owner grows some lovely flowers and I have been meaning to take photos for ages.

No horsy shots today. I am off to catch up on my sleep, have been on the go since 5am.

Oh and we went past the Elk farm today to take photos and there are no more Elk!!!! I was so dissappointed but they have apparantly got rid of them all :-(

(((((Hugs))))) to all.




Mike said...

That is too bad about the elk...but you got some really nice flower shots. I love the snap dragons and the sweet peas. I don't recognize the bottom one though.

Hope everything goes well tomorrow. Take care.


Mike said...

Oh the bottom one looks like a begonia. Beautiful color!

talj said...

Beautiful flowers Lori and so good to hear that Larry will be coming home! Hope you have a nice day {{HUGS}} xx

CG said...

Sorry to hear about the elk! these flower photos are really beautiful; lovely light and subtle colours.
Bet you can't wait to get Larry home. I'm glad you had a lovely time with your friend :)

MPRPRO said...

The guy probably sold the Elk and made a bundle and is now living on a beach in Bermuda.

Hope things are well. I have been off the planet for a few weeks and not at all keeping up with my PAD. Seems between all kinds of opportunities to shoot and having fun there I have been letting my PAD go.

Now I have been home sick for a week and a half, seems I thought I had kidney stones and in the process of trying to find out they see something funny on my right kidney. Had a CAT scan Friday and a MRI Monday. No results yet but now I know what the guy in the canon feels like just before he is shot out at the circus. I'll keep you posted.

Anna said...

I am glad that Larry is coming home.

These are stunning Lori....they put a smile on my face as soon as they loaded!


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