Tuesday, July 10, 2007

10 July 2007

I was wandering around the property today, I am really finding it hard to be creative and motivated. This was a litle flower on a grass believe it or not and it was about a quarter of an inch in diameter, tiny! Pink is my favorite color and even though the wind was blowing I managed to get one shot of it that was in focus.

I have been trying to capture a shot of these little birds forever but they are very elusive and quick. While I was walking down the drive to get the mail this morning this little guy was on the side of the drive in the grasses. I snuk up on him as close as I could but I still had to do some severe cropping on this to get him to fill the frame. I am so dissappointed with my 75-300 IS Canon at the moment I am not getting sharp photos with it at the longer end and if I use the IS everything is soft. It probably needs a service. I wish I could afford some really good glass.

I am making a habit of the late hour. It is 25 before midnight and I am just getting my blog done. Have to be up 6.30 so I am off to bed. It was dreadfully hot again today but there is rain moving in, not much a quarter of an inch if we are lucky so lets hope we get some of it. Then there is a cold front moving in which will keep us in the upper 70s low 80s until after the weekend, yaaaay, I can hopefully get something done outside.

((((Hugs))))) to all and thank you to all who have visited recently. You are all in my thoughts, I appreciate your visits more than you could know.



Anonymous said...

I didn't know Canon had IS cameras but thought the stabilization was in the lens. At least it is in the lens I got recently.

It should work but check their website for some helpful hints like at the long end, a book I got says the infinity on my rebels should be set on the vertical part of the "L" mark if focusing by hand. Now I don't know if your camera has a lens with the letter capital L on it or not but those kinds of tips might be something to look for on their website.

Also, when I set it there and then forget the auto focus moves it anyway. LOL

I like the American Gold Finch picture.


CG said...

I think these photos are great, Lori!Love that little bird. Hope you get a cooler day {{HUGS}}

talj said...

What lovely shots! Great DOF on the flower! Hope you get some cool weather and that the rest of your week goes well :o) xx

Elaine said...

I like that little pink flower!

Hope it cools down (we are a little cooler today and the humidity is low so it is rahter nice out.)

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