Saturday, July 21, 2007

21 July 2007

When I went to feed the horses down the road a few days ago this guy was flitting around the water tank area. It was raining lightly and I crouched down against the barn wall and waited for it to settle. Got this and a few other shots. It is a Tiger Swallowtail, so pretty. I have seen it or one like it a few times and never had my camera with me.
(click on pic to enlarge)
I finally got a decent picture of the Northern Mockingbird who is still screeching all day LOL. I had to crop this quite a bit because I cant zoom in far enough even with my 400mm lens and he moves so quickly so I have to leave a bit of room in the frame so he doesnt fly out of it!!! You can see his beak wide open making a dreadful noise. Here he is coming in for his landing after doing his flashing bit.
(Click pic to enlarge)

We had another beautiful day today, mid to upper 70s and blue skies.

I am going to shoot some family portraits for a friend tomorrow at lunch time so will be out for a few hours. I am not crazy about these kinds of shoots but they pay the bills. I also have a Welsh Pony show next weekend that I am photographing. I will have to spend two nights in a motel because it is too far to drive back and forth each day. Larry's niece Joyce (the one who has also taken up photography and I have done a bit of mentoring for) is going to come with me to do the computer side of things and try her hand at shooting horses and ponies. These are great people and they always make me so welcome at their shows, it one of the shows I really enjoy going to. Last year it was 96 F both days though so lets hope it is better this year!!!

Well it is late once again, 20 after 11 so I must turn in. ((((Hugs)))) to those that need them. See y'all tomorrow.



AB said...

Beautiful photos today, as ever! I particularly love the bird in flight - you captured it so well with outstretched wings.

Thinking of you, and sending you love and {{HUGS}}


Rising Rainbow said...

The butterfly is exquisite. We don't really see them here much anymore. Not sure why.

Hope you portrait shoot goes well.

I'm still recuperating here. Haven't even posted on my blog about the wrecks getting ready for the open house but my poor body is a mass of bruises.

It's pouring here. There are threats of flooding in some areas. Too bad we can't send this your way, I know you need it.

Mike said...

I hope your photo shoot went well today. Love the pictures as always. I really like the butterfly picture. And the wings on that mockingbird are great.

Hope you are having a good weekend. Thanks for your stop by the blog last week. I appreciate your comments.

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