Monday, July 23, 2007

23 July 2007

My friend Tiffany's husband trains hunting dogs and his black lab had six puppies six weeks ago. Most of them go to the guide dog association to be trained as seeing eye dogs. The last litter found wonderful homes and they have sent pictures of each dog with their new blind owners. They are going soon so I had to make an effort to get photos of them today. It was a bit later in the day than I would like to shoot these types of shots especially with them being black. I got a few nice pics, still wading through them all, I may try to go earlier tomorrow and get better softer light. The little boy was visiting. These puppies are unholy terrors!!!! We call them the alligators, they just want to bite everything. I eventually had to take my shoes off because they were destroying the laces and I was scared I would step on one. I have some pics of them with the shoes but havent got to those yet. They carried them all around the place playing tug-of-war.

So it is puppy pics today guys, still trying to get all of yesterday's sorted out from the family shoot and my hard drive has got so full that it is starting to freeze up so I spent hours resizing files to archive and burning DVDs to free up some space.

I mowed the other side of the pasture today and should have known better and worn a hat because I got too much sun. I have had heat stroke before and now I have to be really careful because it hits you much more easily after you have had it once. I am going to get an early night. ((((HUGS)))) to you all and take care, you are all always in my thoughts.



Rising Rainbow said...

PG huh! for the word shoot no less. Wierd, that's all I can say. I was sure I was getting and X and I got the G. Pretty funny.

I checked out your other blog and see you're not posting much. That makes me feel better I've really negelected blog number two. Now I've started number 3 but that one is not for the faint of heart. Haven't even mentioned it on my horse blog yet. I'm afraid I'll run my readers off and from the looks of my stats for the past three days have already done that. LOL

Me thinks one can get pretty insecure over not many hits. lol

The puppy pics are cute. Can't wait to see them playing with your shoes. Betcha Taxes would love playing with the puppies.

Mike said...

Awwww. These puppies are so cute! I hope my daughters don't see this post.

Sounds like you need to get an external hard drive to store some of your pictures on. I know a guy who has about ten of them. He takes all raw shots.

Stay out of the heat!

Carmi said...

Hey Lori. I hope you get lots of sleep and fluids, because heat stroke can be a very scary thing. I remember it well from my years as a lifeguard.

Black labs are such dear, dear animals. You've captured them beautifully - as you always do.

Sorry I've been such a stranger of late. My wife was away tending her mom in the hospital, so I was flying solo here for a while.

I am amazed how you find the time to shoot when you have so much on your plate.

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