Wednesday, July 25, 2007

25 July 2007

I am starting to give up hope that I am going to catch up with you all. Carmi it was so nice to hear from you, I have been a bad blogger too I am afraid, just not enough hours in the day. I find a bit of time early in the morning when I go out to feed the horses. I take my camera with me and just snap what I see. The neighbors and people driving down the road are used to seeing me crouched down or laying down in the field taking pics. It is nice and cool then. It is amazing how many flowering plants you can find in the wild. This one is probably about the size of the end joint of my thumb. After mowing the field I have found all sorts of plants at ground level.

We had a bit of rain this evening, not a whole bunch but better than nothing and enough to wet the ground and give the grass a bit of moisture, yaaay.

We have to go to Fort Wayne on Friday again and there is a chance that Larry will need another minor surgery. There is just one small spot that wont heal and now it is starting to grow bigger so we need to address it immediately.

Tomorrow I have to get all the stalls in order, do some shopping, have the tyre fixed on my bus that I use at the shows and the list gets longer because I will have to leave for Rochester (where the show is) Indiana, about 89 miles north of us, by about 5pm or so. I dont like driving at night so want to make sure I am there with plenty of time to spare.

Another day my blogging friends, thanks to you all, you are all always in my thoughts. ((((HUGE HUGS))))



Rising Rainbow said...

Catching up is just not possible. I'm pretty sure of that, have been trying for years and still no success.

Hope your trip to the horse show goes well and you get lots of profitable pics!

Karen said...

A lovely photo! I have been very slack about leaving comments lately, I apologize for that. But I do look at your photos!

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