Sunday, August 19, 2007

19 August 2007

This is another archive shot of two of my friend Tiffany's dogs. They were really hard to shoot because they ran around like wirlwinds!!!! I lay on my stomach to take the photos and it really gave me a great perspective. Levi, the dog on the right ran circles using my back as a launching pad as he went round and round LOL

Still not feeling the greatest, and it really frustrates me because I have wasted to beautiful days with a lack of motivation, hedaches, hot flushes and heartburn. Dont know what is up but I really feel like dogs doo doo. I posted a few pictures of Taxes and his injury on my other blog which I have wanted to get going. Hopefully I will now. The pics are quite graphic so didnt want to put them on here but to give you the option of checking it out if you are interested in his progress.

Still no more rain, they have had more north of us and south of us but we have been in that dry zone since April. Hope everyone is well, CG, Mike, MiKael and Abraham thanks for your visits I appreciate them. ((((Hugs)))))



Mike said...

Cute picture! I can just see them all over the place as fast as lighting.

Get out and take some pictures, you will feel better! Just go out in the pasture and pace off a 10 square foot area and see what you can find in that area. Just an idea to get the creative juices flowing again. You know cracks in the ground, dry grass, etc. :)

photogchic said...

Great shot. I have been running around trying to get cute shots of my friends Boston Terrier puppy and I just can't keep up with him! I will have to stick with it. Good to see Taxes healing. It looks so "ouchy." Maddy is going thru her own healing process. She is on 4 months of stall rest after fracturing her coffin bone.

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