Monday, August 27, 2007

27 August 2007

First of all, I am probably going to be using some of these shots on DP Challenge so please if you see them and recognise them I would ask that you either vote what you truly feel or dont vote on them at all. Thanks guys. I have posted pictures on the last few days posts which I missed.

MiKael I will put you out of your suspense LOL, that is a first, you normally keep me on a string and in suspense with your posts!!!!

It was not a big show (amature) and we didnt make too many sales, but I think that we will get more online sales as some of the competitors were in a hurry go get home. The weather started out really dull and misty on Saturday morning so it was hard and on top of it they had a storm the night before and the arenas were a muddy mess so they held the first halter classes in the grassed areas around the arena which made it hard to shoot. Also Ihad to shoot from outside the arena when they were riding because it was so slushy. Sunday was better and I managed to get inside the arena.

It was a long weekend and pretty stressful, Larry came with and it was the first time he had been up in 8 months so I was worried about him on top of it. Fortunately we avoided the extreme heat and had two very pleasant days in the low 80s. Larry is working on getting all the shots up on my website at the moment and should have them up by Wednesday. I havent really had time to edit much and just skimmed through all of the pictures this afternoon for the first time. Larry's niece Joyce came with us and she got some great shots too and helped me with taking care of Larry and the downloading of files and printing contact sheets which was a great help.

On Saturday evening they had "Liberty" classes where the horse is let loose to perform for the audience and has a certain time limit, after which they have 2 minutes to catch the horse and leave the arena. The judge then determines who gave the best performance. This is one of the horses, awesome to watch. It was late and the light was pretty good (7pm approx). This is a nice floating trot which I believe is a sought after shot. Also the tail up over the back is a good thing. The Arabians are very animated and their owners promote it, beautiful to watch. Just wish the arena hadnt been so muddy and I could have got more shots but a lot of the time they were running right along the rail right in front of me.

Well I had fun and hope you enjoy the pictures from the last few days. I will post more as I edit them.

((((Hugs))))) see y'all tomorrow.



photogchic said...

I love to watch people work their horses at is beautiful to watch. Great shots as always Lori:-)

CG said...

what a stunning photo...that trot really looks as if it's floating above the ground!

Rising Rainbow said...

Wow, it sounds like you have quite an adventure. I hope your sales pick up, I would think at an amateur show you would actually do better. I know that's what happens here.

Glad to here that the weather stayed cool for you! We're really spoiled here and have only a couple of shows that are outside. The warm-ups might be muddy but not the show arenas.

I'm glad that you're home safe and sound.

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