Saturday, September 8, 2007

8 September 2007

I promised to post a picture of the little girl that I shot the portrait of the other day, riding. She is soooo cute on top of this wonderful horse. She and her Mom both ride this mare, they just swap saddles because hers is so much smaller LOL. These children are our future champions and boy can this little one ride. I am so lucky to have three or four children that I have been photographing since they were tiny until now and it is great to see their progress.

We had rain on and off all day which was wonderful. It was dreadfully humid but I will take it if it means rain. I had to go over to Muncie to get the screws etc. that I need to build the fence and did a bit of shopping at the same time because I only get over there about once a month. That took up a huge portion of my day. I hope to get the fence underway tomorrow again if it doesnt rain. I also mowed the one field so at least I got something done today LOL.

Another day over, thanks Mike for sending the rain our way!! MiKael I hope that the weather is being good to you and that you are coping with all the pressures. You are all always in my thoughts. ((((Hugs))))



Rising Rainbow said...

She is too cute. I wish we could have started Rachel at that age. She'd be a super star by now.

Thank you for the note, I know you know that post was hard.

Hope things are well there, You are in my thought as well!!

CG said...

She's adorable! {{HUGS}}

Mike said...

Glad to send some rain. Hope you got enough to help. Parts of our area got 9 inches. Fortunately we didn't get quite that much.

We had a nice rain yesterday, slow and most of the day. The best kind.

Great picture. I think it is fun to see the kiddo's doing stuff like this. It gives me hope for the future.

Take care,


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