Tuesday, October 2, 2007

2 October 2007

October is Halloween month here in the USA. Last year DP Challenge had a pumpkin carving photo competition and having never carved a pumpkin before I got a whole lot of stuff together and came up with this but unfortunately didnt get it in in time for the challenge. I am pretty sure it would have done well but who knows, so I am going to share it here. I was quite proud of it LOL.

I got all but 5 posts set today for the fence so hopefully will get going on the cross bars tomorrow. I will have to go and buy two 12 foot gates and some electric tape so they dont chew the wood!!! but at least I will finally have my other turnout for the three boys, Blue, Gee and Taxes having their turns out there. I am going to take the roundpen down and use the panels to put stalls into the bottom of the barn for when the weather gets really cold and need them to come inside.

Working on my print orders and paying bills. Have been watching The Biggest Loser tonight and now Dancing With The Stars, in between catching up on e-mails and blogs!!! Sheesh talk about multi tasking, and they say women cant do two things at once HAH!!!!!

Taxes has a new home. He will be staying here but we decided to give him to our neighbor, Richard, who helps us when we are away, he comes and feeds the horses and makes sure they have water and is always available to help out if we need him. He does a lot for us around the property and we really appreciate his help, he never asks for anything for compensation, in fact wont take anything. The other day he made a comment about how much he liked Taxes. It turns out it has been a dream of his to own a horse. He is in his 60s so Larry decided that he would make him a gift of the brat!!!! I am quite sad but at least I will still have him here. He is going to be gelded so that he is more manageable as Richard is not an experienced horseman. The other plus is that if anything had to happen to Richard we know that he would leave all of his animals in our care. He has two dogs too. So Taxes would come back to us in this event heaven forbid.

Well that is about it for tonight. Need my beauty sleep, am getting old and wrinkled LOL. Will check in tomorrow again. Hope you are all having a good week.




Rising Rainbow said...

Wow, a home for Taxes, that's a good thing. Right there where you can keep an eye on him and help out if needed.

Sounds like your fence is really coming along. I'll bet you'll be glad to get that project done. I know I would.

Sounds like you're feeling better. I hope so.

Have a great day.


CG said...

If Taxes has to leave then at least he's not actually "going" anywhere!! Lucky Richard. love the pumpkin pic!

Memories Catcher said...

Funny shot.I like it!

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