Monday, December 10, 2007

10 December 2007

It was a few degrees warmer today so the ice has slowly been melting all day and has left a muddy slushy mess. The first picture is some icicles that built up on some plants at the side of our house. The horses have been in again all day because it is just too unpleasant for them to be outside.

The second picture is of Gee on her second outing, we had a bit of sun the day after her first outing and I particularly like this one because she is being all frisky, rearing, jumping and shaking her head. She does this little squealy grunt before she lets off steam almost like a squeak and then she bursts into motion. Unfortunately I havent been able to get her out again because the mud is knee deep. She did have fun though and has calmed down a bit in her stall, she was really getting restless.
With all the flooding in Washington State and surrounds over the past week there are so many people who have lost their homes but we all tend to forget the animals. Many animals have lost their lives in these floods and storms and continue to be stranded and standing up to their bellies in water. The rescue efforts are enormous for both people and animals and when you think that because of all the displaced people, they wont be able to take their animals back because they have to find somewhere for themselves first. On one of the other blogs that I read the poster had a video of some horses standing in water and Abraham Lincoln said that he didnt want to watch it because it would upset him too much. He also questioned whether his deep compassion, love and concern for animals, even the small ones like birds and squirrels, in recent years was odd and uncommon and I have to say, definitely not, I cry over a dead bird, an injured animal and have such a deep love for my horses. Unfortunately there are many people who still look at animals as dumb and unfeeling and who can be abused in any way they like, but this could not be further from the truth. More and more people are being educated and hopefully we are winning the battle, if I can even change one person's view on a horse and how they are thinking, loving, feeling, compassionate creatures I will be happy. They may not function in exactly the same way as we humans do, but they do function. So in answer to Abraham's question, no you are not strange, you are a true human being and I am so glad that you have found such a great passion in your photography and surrounding haven.

I posted some more info on this flooding problem in yesterday's post with contact details for anyone who would like to support this effort in any way, every little bit helps.

That's it for today folks, I hope everyone had a good Monday. (((Hugs)))



L said...

Hi Lori,
Thanks for visiting my blog. I wanted to let you know I do still come here a lot, even if I rarely post. I like all the pretty photos!

Anonymous said...

That horse is having fun. You don't have to know it but you can just see it in her jump. I bet she smiles too.

Thanks for the comments about me and my soft heart for life. I thought or think it has something to do with age but maybe not. I know I gave up being a fisherman because I don't need the fish to eat and I don't want to hurt their mouths with a hook. I also gave up hunting for the same reason but did that first.

It is nice to know that some people don't think I am nuts. I love animals and always have. I just spent most of my lifetime trying to get to know them better and the more I know about them the more I tend to love them. It is just hard to hug a horse but I always want to hug them like I used to hug my dogs.

Thanks for the post.

Mike said...

Hi Lori,

Thanks for your visit and I am sorry I have been missing so much lately. I wish I could say it is the "dog" but truly I have not been in the writing or picture taking mood lately.

I have enjoyed your posts the past few days. It seems your passion is returning as mine is ebbing.

Taxes is such a handsome guy. He is really growing, now I kind of have a better feeling of what you mean by "brat" albiet on a much smaller scale.

Hope you guys are doing well, we miss the brunt of the ice storm, barely. My old home town was hit hard.

You take care, it is always good to hear from you and see what you are up to. I really applaud you on the discussions of animals and those in the northwest. We seldom look past the human tragedy of events like this and the fires in California.


Rising Rainbow said...

The icecicles are beautiful.

I agree with you about Abraham. If more people had that kind of compassion this world would be a better place.

Sorry that the mud has hit. I know that makes things tough on you and tough for the horses. Mine are not getting out much either. It is very sad. But they are sure happy when they do! lol

Rising Rainbow said...
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Rising Rainbow said...

Sorry, somehow my comment got posted twice so I deleted one.

CG said...

Your photos are beautiful, as always.

Sometimes I think I love my animals too much. But it's the way I was brought up; animals were always part of the family.My cats give so much love back, as did my wonderful dog. I'm always hugging the horses at the stables and I don't think they mind! I hate to think of suffering; human OR animal.

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