Tuesday, December 11, 2007

11 December 2007

Sheesh it keeps getting worse, everywhere there is dreadful weather and disaster zones with fires, flooding, ice storms the works. We had a dreadful day today, foggy all day, raining, soggy and just depressing. My thoughts go out to everyone who is having hardships. We are expecting an ice storm tomorrow possibly, worse than the one we have already had and accumulating snow on Saturday again!!! I have posted a few photos I took of our Christmas Cactus which is one of our indoor plants and flowers around Thanksgiving and Christmas every year.

The horses are still cooped up inside and bouncing off the walls, the stables are getting unmanageable again because they need to be out and pooping outside LOL.

Stan came over and built the one door on our old barn and is going to do the other one tomorrow and possibly put up any siding that may be left on the side of the barn where the horses have chewed holes!!! It will certainly beat having to do battle with a tarpaulin put up over the doorway every winter. I wish they could be sliding doors but with the shape/slope of the roof it is not impossible but would be costly to do that so they will swing inwards.

Well that is about it for today, keep safe everyone ((((Hugs))))



Mike said...

Beautiful prints! I have always liked Christmas Cacti. Hope you escape most of the weather. We have had about four days of rain. I think our drought is now over.

Take care


Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for you and the horses.

I guess you don't have what we used to call a "tramp shed" which is a shed-like roof attached to the side of a barn. No sides or anything but it offers a place for animals to go when stalls are cleaned out and cows will mill around under the roof when they can. Horses are like people I guess. Everything that goes in comes back out. Not a good design at all. In fact I just asked my wife yesterday why we were designed like this. To eat and poop? Seems like we should just be given enough gas to keep us going at birth and never have to do #1 or #2. And then work on the horses and cows.

Oh well. We had fog all day yesterday. The birds were wet from flying through it. The hawks were soaked. I took over 600 photos of one hawk and ended up with just 600 after culling through them. I posted a couple this morning.

Stay warm.

CG said...

You certainly seem to get a ton of different weather!! I hope the ice storm passes you by; keep safe! {{HUGS}}

Pat said...

Hi Lori!

I've so missed checking out your blog.

Been thinking of you though.


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Rising Rainbow said...

I love christmas cactus but would probably kill it. I grow things great outside but indoors is a different story.

My horses are getting antsy inside as well. Wish the weather would break long enough for them to get some time out. you are right, the stalls are easier to clean when the horses have spent part of the day outdoors.

Hope it clears up there soon!

Strawberry Lane said...

Beautiful photos of the Christmas Cactus ! You have the magic touch with both the plants and the camera!

I was thinking I was homesick for the Midwest, then you reminded me what cold is like.

I'm afraid I forget those things while I'm boo-hooing about home.

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