Saturday, December 15, 2007

15 December 2007

Missed another couple of days. I have been battling the mud and had horses in for nearly a week but decided to put them out yesterday for a run despite the mud. They had a ball, Piglette (the black mare) went straight down to the pond that has formed in the bottom of our field as it always does when we have too much rain, lay down in the water and rolled in it!!!! Bear in mind that it was about 30F (just below freezing yesterday). She loves to do that and I have posted pics of her doing it earlier this year. I took a few shots of them all muddy and happy, that is one of the things they like to do, roll in the mud, it makes them happy so it makes me happy LOL. This first shot has all 11 of them, 10 mares and Dosie the gelding who is on the extreme left.

Stan finished my barn doors right on schedule and just in time. We are expecting up to 12 inches of snow between now and tomorrow!!! We have a few inches on the ground already, it started snowing mid morning here. This is a dreadful shot, you can see how the mares have chewed the barn to pieces, that is one of the next projects, to get siding onto the side of the barn that they have access to which will make it look a whole bunch better. So this isnt a very pretty picture but it shows my new doors, the wire mesh is what I have pulled off stalls to replace with bars, just need to find a home for it where it isnt in the way. It sure beats the tarp I have had to do battle with every year to keep the snow out. Oh yes, I wanted to add that that is a train passing behind the barn, shows how close it is. I didnt even notice it until I looked at the pics, we are so used to them, it is one of the busiest lines in this part of the world and we can sometimes see a train every 30 minutes.
This last shot is of Eb and Blaze playing yesterday. They do get pretty rough LOL. Learning to be young stallions is a difficult thing!!!

Well that is about it, not much going to happen until all this snow stops but I will keep you all posted. Keep safe everyone who is in the midst of these storms. I should be able to get some lovely horses in snow photos tomorrow if it turns out they way they predict. Stay warm.




Anonymous said...

Well now I understand better your many barn problems. For some reason I had in my mind at least a bank barn with the ground floor with stalls and the floor above where the grain goes and the hay mow above that. So when I was talking about a tramp shed, you already got both sides of the barn built out and there is no room for a tramp shed. It is almost funny now. Why do people just assume things? Anyway. It does make it a lot clearer to me. I got to think in new terms.

And when I was a kid, I remember all the horses chewed their stalls, doors, wood around the windows, and almost anything they could get their teeth in.

I really liked the picture of them out and running around and can imagine them getting in the puddle.

Do you let them inside while wet or try to let them out long enough to dry off? Curious.

Have you ever gone to the blog of the pioneer woman.

She gets hundreds of comments and raises horses too. I think you would love her blog.

Stay warm. We got lots of snow today. It is raining now on top of that and it is forecast for 3-5 inches more tonight and tomorrow.

Rising Rainbow said...

Your new doors look great. I thought your barn was bigger than that as well. This pic is at a different angle I think than the other one you sent.

The horses look happy to be out. I'm sure mine would be happy to get out too but it's pouring here. Stay in and keep warm!

CG said...

Well, how wonderful to see the horses out enjoying themselves. I was surprised to see how close the railway is! Hope you stay warm through the snow {{HUGS}}

Mike said...

Wow you went from drought to muddy mess. I am glad the horses like the mud though.

Your new doors look good. How did you fair with the snow? (I may find out as I read your next post) We didn't hardly get any yet we were under a Heavy Snow Warning.

I am in Kansas City tonight and for the next two days on business. I didn't bring the Nikon and only brought the little Olympus so I feel a little funny without it.

I am envious how close to the tracks you are. I bet I could get some neat train pictures in your area.

Take care for now.


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