Friday, December 21, 2007

21 December 2007

No horse pics again today, I am trying to revive Friday's Catblogging trend. This is a shot I took a few years ago, it was my first entry in DP Challenge and didn't fare too well. The theme was Wooden, where wood had to be an important part of the composition. I didnt know how narrow minded they could be on that site at that time and I shot this on a day in the upper 80s low 90s with an actual wooden frame propped against the outside of our cabin and the co-operation of two of my cats. I thought it was so clever, unfortunately the DPCers didnt think so and most of them misread the challenge specs and thought that wood was meant to be the main focus. Oh well, I love the picture LOL. This is Huggy cat and a kitty which I have since lost to Feline Leukemia. I titled it "Living Portrait in a Wooden Frame"

My little dove was still under the bush this morning, looking much perkier and wary and later when I went out to see if I could see it again it was nowhere to be found. A bit later I looked out of the window and saw him eating again but havent seen him since. I hope that he has found a nice safe place to hide and will keep an eye open for it and keep putting corn and oats down. I will go shopping tomorrow and get proper bird seed.

It was a really dull dull dull day today, no sunshine at all but pretty warm, in the 40sF. By this evening a heavy fog had started moving in and we are expecting the low 50s tomorrow and then a sharp drop off in temps again and below freezing for Christmas day and after. The horses stayed in for the day, I dont see the point in putting them out when it is just so muddy and it takes forever to put out and bring in 11 horses as I do them one at a time.

Abraham do you think this is a Mourning Dove that I posted, it doesnt have the black mark on the side of its's neck. For everyone who loves animals you need to visit Abraham's blog , he and his wife Patty have led a very interesting and varied life and his stories and wealth of knowledge are worth a read.

MiKael's Blog is another must read if you love horses. She is an very talented story teller, raises Arabian horses and has experienced just about everything that a horse breeder can experience, good and bad. Be warned she likes cliff hangers!!!! When she tells her stories she normally leaves you hanging at the most crucial part LOL.

Well my herd are all well. I am coping so far but am so stoked that tomorrow is when the days start getting longer again!!!!!! Yaaaaaay!!! Have a great weekend everyone ((((Hugs))))



Anonymous said...

Yes, I looked at the dove the other day when I first saw it and the mark on its neck is there and it is also in my books about birds -- Mourning Doves specifically.

I am beginning to think the dove maybe stunned itself by flying into a window. If it is eating now and moving about (have you seen it fly) then there is probably no broken wind bones.

I like the cats. I am not nuts about the wooden frame but then to get two cats to do anything together is a minor miracle so I would give you points just for that even if the cats were real ugly cats.

I had no idea you also lived in a log cabin. You are full of surprises.

CG said...

I like the picture a lot and think it was a clever idea for a challenge. I think you're very brave to post ANYTHING on DPC - some of the folks on there are merciless! Wonderful place for inspiration of course and lots of kind and helpful people too!

Salty said...

Simply amazing! It’s hard to believe you were able to combine all of these elements into one photograph and to get the cats to cooperate all at the same time!

I like your dove shots, excellent detail and wonder soft lighting. I expect Abe is correct about it flying into something. Hopefully it will fully recuperate and be able to rejoin the flock.

Rising Rainbow said...

Geez. I have really gotten behind here. I totally missed the post about the bird.

Thanks for the link and I see you are getting blogger figured out a bit more. Good for you.

I'm with you about putting horses out, especially in the mud. They can do some really damage to their legs if it is at all sticky, it doesn't even have to be deep.

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