Thursday, December 20, 2007

20 December 2007

No horse pics today folks, I put the herd out and it was nice and sunny for most of the day but it is really a mixture of snow and mud at the moment and the horses aren't in a very active mood. They are glad to be out of the stables but not bouncing off the walls so they have bursts of enthusiasm and unless you are there and in the right place for those 30 seconds you miss it LOL. I walked down the drive/lane (like a sheet of ice today again) to get the mail and took my camera with me hoping to see a squirrel around one of those nests. No squirrels but on my way back I noticed a bird hopping along the ground and Piglette (Black mare) following it with her nose on the ground. I climbed through the fence and when I got over there I found this little Dove. It was very unsteady even hopping on the ground (although the ground is frozen and rutted from the horses hooves). I managed to catch it and brought it back up to the house. Got my 100mm macro lens and took it to the bush outside the kitchen window that all the birds love to sit in. I got it to hop onto a branch and it puffed itself out and stayed there for a few hours. While it was there I took the opportunity to get some pictures of it.

It eventually went down onto the ground again and was pecking around trying to find food so I put out some oats and crushed corn (which I dont normally give to birds) and it occupied itself with eating for the rest of the afternoon. It definitely can't fly so I am wondering what is wrong with it. I looked at it's wings and could see no damage but obviously there is something that is not visible to the eye. Well all I can do is hope that whatever ails it mends itself and that it will survive the cold. Poor little thing.

We should have one more dry day then the snowy rainy weather moves in again for the weekend. Nothing else exciting to report for the day, hope everyone is staying warm, dry and happy. ((((Hugs)))))



oldmanlincoln said...

The bottom photos is a real winner. I enjoyed reading your story too. And what is wrong. If you pulled the wings out without causing the bird any discomfort then I am guessing it is not suffering from a broken wing. It might be thirsty or dehydrated. It might also be in need of some grit for its gizzard (sand size or smaller) but it is hard to tell. If it is alive that is good. My wife always tells me, when I worry about wildlife, "those are not endangered yet." I have seen some very sick birds (some from flying into glass windows) who eventually were able to fly away. Some who are in bad shape show it first around their eyes. This ones eyes look very good.

Mike said...

Beautiful picture Lori, I hope you all have a great holiday season.

Pat said...

Oh, Lori. I do hope its ok. What a pretty bird! I'll keep checking to see.

Thanks for posting on my blog. With Christmas coming so quickly, it's difficult to get around to all of the blogs I enjoy!

Merry Christmas to you both, Lori!


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