Saturday, January 12, 2008

12 January 2008

I shot this a few weeks back but had it entered in a challenge on DP Challenge. Of course once again it didnt score that well, pretty average, I keep getting knocked for my horse pictures, not the most popular subject and in my opinion it is a pretty solid striking image, oh well, I like it that is all that counts. This is Dream, one of the two year old stallions. He has this one blue eye and the other one is brown. It had been muddy the day before and it looks kind of odd for him to be covered in mud but in the snow LOL.

I have really been slacking but am gearing myself up for a project which I will let you all know about and ask you all for your help with promoting it as soon as I have worked it all out. MiKael of MiKaels Mania - Arabian Horses is my mentor here and if you havent visited her site before please do so, she is a great story teller and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to horses especially Arabian Horses. . I am posting this link, to her blog, if you page down on it you will see a button to enter the blog village and then page down and she is currently ranked number 1 so click on her name there to enter her blog it will give her a rankings boost too, you can also give her a rating from that page.

I am trying to make a concerted effort to break my depressed state and start something positive. I love my horses and I love photography and it is time that I made the two work for me to support them LOL. I will keep you posted.

We had a beautiful day today, topped out at about 41F but it is expected to get colder tomorrow. The horses spent the day out in the sunshine and enjoyed that too. I havent taken any pictures for a number of days, just not photo opportunity/inspiring weather. I have to say apart from a few really cold snaps it has been a really mild winter so far, I hope I am not tempting fate. My white stallion is actually starting to shed his winter hair a bit already.

It was my birthday yesterday and I had a nice restful day, Larry bought me some chocolates, a bottle of wine and a birthday cake which were all scrumptious LOL. I heard from my brother in South Africa wishing me happy birthday and it got me crying because I really miss them all so much.

Well that is my story from the past few days, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. (((Hugs)))) to you all.



L said...

Happy Birthday!

I'm glad you had a good one!

Strawberry Lane said...

Hi Lori,
Wishing you Happy Birthday, yesterday! Keep celebrating!

I think your photo of Dream is a winner! Dramatic with the lighting ... shows how cold it is. I like the way he is covered with dirt and the coloring of his mane.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I suppose you have heard and maybe go see this lady on the ranch whose blog is so popular that she was recently on television because of it...???

That is her link but she and her family live and breathe horses, wild horses, cattle, and photography. It is not unusual for her to get several thousand visits each day and 200 or 300 is real ordinary.

If these pictures on her blog do not soak you with inspiration and make you smile from ear to ear, then you really do need to see a doc. LOL

Love to you and your horses. I always am stunned by this horse and it white eye.

Stay warm.

Mike said...

Beautiful picture Lori. I find that specialty pictures like those you and I like, ie. horses and trains don't do well in competitions unless it is the first time. Oh well as you said the most important thing is that you like them and your "fan" base likes them. I think this one is great as do the others that visit your blog. Point made :)

Happy Birthday! Mine was on the 12th, yesterday from today so it sounds like we are a day apart.

Take care and stay warm and get out of that funk!!!!

CG said...

A belated but sincere HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me, Lori. I think this photo is beautiful both technically and for the subject. As Mike says, your fans love them! I hope you're feeling less down and that as spring approaches you'll feel cheerful again! {{HUGS}}

Julie Blair said...

Hi Lorri, Happy Belated birthday my friend!! I am still stopping by just don't always post.

I love that Pioneer Woman blog!! I read her everyday too. She is getting quite the following. I loved the one she posted the other day where she was lying downa nd doing ballet moves with her feet while the cows watched!! She is hysterical and definately an inspiration!! Definately check her out.

I really don't see how you take care of all those horses by yourself. Glad you had a time to rest and celebrate your b-day. My family lives in North Carolina and me being in California I know what it is like to miss family! Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

{{{BIG HUGS}}} to you Lori and a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I am so glad to hear that you had some special treats yesterday and although it made you a little sad it's lovely that your brother keeps in touch :o)

I totally understand what you are saying about having something positive going on in your life. Since I have been stuck indoors so much I live for the little things. For most of last year I had my PAD and the fundraising. This year I have so many things! Great holidays to plan...I am so lucky I have 4 to look forward to in 2008! Then there is the photography projects, my new puppy, finally getting round to meeting a few more photography buddies here in the UK...

I hope that 2008 is a really positive year for you Lori and that you have some cool projects to keep you busy {{HUGS}}

Rising Rainbow said...

I don't know anything about photo contests so have no clue what to think that they didn't use your pic.

Chocolates for your birthday, that is cool! I hope you got a bit of a break.

I know what you mean about the weather not always being condusive to taking inspiring pictures. I feel the same about now.

When I hear about tornados back in your part of the country, I'm not sure I know what "mild" means to you. lol Hopefully your weather will be nothing dangerous.

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