Thursday, January 3, 2008

3 January 2008

It was absolutely freezing again today. Woke up to 1F and it didnt get above 24F when I last checked. What with 17 frozen water buckets which needed to have hot water poured over them to get the solid ice out of them which meant taking them all outside the barn, my freezing fingers and toes despite two pairs of gloves, insulated socks, two beanies (wool hats) and insulated overalls I couldnt spend more than half an hour at a time out there.

It was beautiful and sunny with very little wind so of course I decided to put the horses out for a few hours, which then led me to freezing my buns off more following them around the field with about 6 inches of snow in it. I didnt get any really great shots because the mares headed to the far end of the field to have their fun. They were running bucking and rearing and having a ball. I had to crop a few down because they were so far away and todays pictures are of Cayenne doing the Hi Ho Silver thing (with Lori in the background) and the three boys being brats as usual.
This third shot was taken of the ice on the window this morning as we did have clear skies and a pretty sunrise. Not as spectacular as some of my others but one for the record. Promise this will be the last one for a while LOL, I am thinking of doing a triptych of some of these shots (sheesh still trying to get the calendars finished!!!!) I will have to do 18 month ones to make up for my lateness.

Stan is doing a fabulous job of finishing off our bedroom and has helped a lot with little stuff that I just cant get done around the property. I am hoping to make arrangements to go riding with him and his wife sometime soon. They spend the weekends at a camping ground about an hour's drive from here, with their horses every weekend and trail ride but I dont have a trailer and my horses have very little riding hours under their girths and I am hoping I can convince them to bring their horses over here when we have a bit warmer weather and ride in the areas around our property. That will give me and my three horses I want to ride a chance to gain confidence and exposure to other horses and still be close to home.

Well other than being a frozen popsicle today everything is going well. The stables still depress me every time I look at them but I am doing my best and the horses are fat and happy. (((((Hugs)))) everyone and keep warm.



alexander said...

Lovely horses. Nice photos!

Alex's World! -

oldmanlincoln said...

I guess their feet don't get "that" cold. Anyway, nice shots. I can see their winter coats are thick. And they all look well fed. Thanks to you of course.

Stay warm.

CG said...

Wow, their coats are REALLY thick!!

Salty said...

Beautiful shots! I am impressed with the ice on the windows. The designs are as good or better than any human artist can create! You certainly chose some great lighting to capture them by!

I love your new header!

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